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  1. Dennis Ritchie dies at age 70

    Wow, she looked great for 70 R.I.P. NSFW http://www.diet-weight-lose.com/celebrity/celebrity-picture/denise-richards.jpg siddr20 - not the place to be putting that pic. Thanks
  2. Gym wankers

    There's always one. Could this guy get anymore defensive about his thread? People have a right to their own oppinion herp derp
  3. Gym wankers

    Sounds to me like you're the Gym Wanker.
  4. #Occupy Movement: All discussions here

    Could we be kissing Americas ass any more? Australia needs some originality. I emplore you all not to go.
  5. You buy a house for 450k, you pay on average 8% over the life of the loan. That's $98 per day in interest, $690 per week, $35500 per year. In interest, nothing else. Add another $18000 per year to pay off the capitol. At the end of the 25 year loan, you have payed $887,000 in interest. That's not including maintanence, water, rates electricity blah blah blah. Lets say you rent a house of the same size for say $400 per week. That's 20,800 per year, in 25 years you have payed $520,000. Cost over 25 years Buying 1,337,000 (just in loan repayments) Renting 520,000 Lets say you sell the house at the end of it for 600k, you are still $150k worse off than if you had rented. That's without investing that extra 800k over that 25 year period. Yes a house can be a good investment, but stop saying renting is dead money. With a mortgage you are paying the house off 3 times. so in 25 years of owning the asset it has appreciated only $150k . hahaha i dont think so. average house price increases in the past ( im not saying this trend will continue ) has been 100% every 7-10 years . therefore your $450k asset should appreciate in the order of 250% easily over 25years. so $1.125mil It's nice to think that trend will keep on going, but I dont think you will find many people that will agree that it will. It's completely unsustainable at the moment Implying rent prices won't change in 25 years
  6. Juggalo's

    f**king magnets, How do they work?
  7. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    Shutup ya muppet. I've been in the car scene since you were shitting your pants.
  8. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    For someone who has to meet women through internet, you sure can be an asshole. $50 says your an unconfident, self-concience nobody who feels the need to belittle women to feel any sort of self worth about yourself. AMIRITE?
  9. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    I spoke to the prettiest girl I could find friday night. She said no one ever approaches her and was hooked by my confidence. She's out of my league, but she's also coming round my house this friday. It's amazing what a bit of self confidence does. But at the same time being prepared to be shut down hard.
  10. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    LOL at these guys on internet dating. Picking up is EZEE-PZEE Finding someone worth getting to know is the hard part. Protip: talk to them
  11. Fav old school game

    Prince Of Persia The Lost Vikings Nigel Mansells F1 Challenge
  12. Team Upwithsandyvag....?

    Eh, you know I run a small academy for lobsters like this one. We stress tough love, daily chores, and the like.
  13. One of the rules should be if your teammate isn't on NS, he must be equal to or lower rank than the NS player. To stop people from getting pro's joining. Keeping it casual.
  14. I'm in. Should we run the 1st comp just a casual one to get any bugs ironed out (and to let you play) then have a $$ comp down the track? I'm easy either way.
  15. Starcraft II

    Either way, I suppose $20 aint to much of a stretch... Sending PM now.