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  1. How much sleep do you get on average?

    6 at work 10 till 4, and on days off can be when ever I wanna wake up.
  2. things that annoy you

    Not having the volume at increments of 5, the over taking thing doing like 80 in a 100 zone then they do like 110 when you can finally over take, and this mainly happens on country roads but trucks that drive on the gravel and fling rocks all up in your shit
  3. Weight gain

    Ahk so is 8 reps too much much for dead lifts? Up to about 110 for 8 or should I do more with less reps?
  4. Weight gain

    Ahk I'll look into that aswel then.
  5. Weight gain

    Dextrose as in glucose or sugar? Is that a good way to do it?
  6. Weight gain

    Well the protein shake was always going to be an added bonus to what I was eating not a substitute and I know the body can't store excess protein so was looking for more of a carb based shake, um work out is usually broken up to chest, arms, back, dead lifts and squats, and then abs on the last day usually at least 3 exercises per muscle depending though, and yeh I can't eat every 2 hours I work for 12 hours a day I have breakfast before and three meals during work and tea after and dessert after the gym, and yeah I eat as much as I can in the time I have but it just disappears, I've been told I have a very fast metabolism but surely it shouldn't be that hard to add weight, I'm about 70 something kg's and around 185cms high, and yeah really annoyed
  7. Weight gain

    Hey all Just looking for a protein and carb sup, anything that will help gain weight/bulk really After personal opinions from experience on what's best where to buy it and how much for it ect. Preferably online as it's easier for me, and yeah reasons for it are I eat so much and it seams to just disappear so I wanna do both, go to gym 5 days a week aswel if that helps and live in a mining camp so camp food if you have been to one you will have a rough idea how much you can eat. So yeah fire away.
  8. Looking for mining work

    Always looking for people at roxby, not the best pay but it's allright

    Yeah that's what I was dreading I dunno if I'm getting a letter yet when do you reckon you should know by?

    What if you got a fine and payed it back then and still havnt lost it? Surely they won't go yeah you have done your time?
  11. Cameras overhanging road

    Yeah well... I was just wondering haha
  12. Cameras overhanging road

    Ahk yeah I was told it did both cars and trucks, thought I'd better make sure haha
  13. Cameras overhanging road

    what are the cameras that are hanging over the road on your way out of Adelaide and before or wakefeld and port Augusta actually for? Tried google couldn't seem to find anything, people have told me various things, any way just want to put my mind at rest if anyone knows
  14. Badges stolen

    There is some scum out there
  15. Skyvia conversion?

    What is damaged on the 32?