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  1. Daniel Falzon is the current 2012 Australian Superstock Champion. Checkout his 2013 Promotional Video. It is impressive. See his other pages here: Wikipedia Facebook Youtube
  3. Mallala Motorbike Come'n'Try day!

    Hey Guys, The first round of the SA Championship (Motorbike Racing) is coming up. The event is held over the weekend from 26th to 27th of May. The Saturday is a practice day for all the riders. The club running the event, Cafe Racers, also runs a rider race training school on this Saturday called Kneescrapers Training. At the Kneescrapers training, you start in the class room where they explain all the basics of track racing and setting up your bike. That finishes quite early and you are all let onto the track with the instructors to get a feel for it. For the rest of the day you alternate between the track and the classroom running through the individual corners, bike setup, body position, safety. You get heaps of free track time to just go for it. If you're not interested in doing the kneescraper training, you dont have to. Just sign up for the practice day and you're out on the track. The saturday will most likely consist of 4 seperate groups where only one group is on track at any time. The groups would be: -Professional -Amateur -Novice -Kneescrapers Training If you decide that you loved the training day and want to enter one of the races on Sunday, then it's as easy as putting your name down. On Sunday, the following classes will be racing: -Steve Martin Cup - A and B grade racer championship. Any Bike, Unlimited Mods -Reece Bancell Cup - C and D grade racer championship. Any bike, any mod. -Limited - 2 Strokes, Historics, Small Twins, Juniors etc -C20 - Bikes and mods from the 20th Century (eg. 1999 R6) -Bracket Racing - Amateur Class, Any bikes including road bikes. If you are interested in starting to race, then Bracket Racing is for you. Only Amateur riders are allowed to enter. The races are fun, safe and only 6 laps so you dont need to be super fit. If you are not interested in racing just yet, then still come out for the Sunday (May 27th). It will be a fantastic day. Organised for this event are: -About 30 races -Stunt riders -Nissan GTR vs Yamaha R6 race!!! -Jumping Castle and Facepainting Entry is $10 for spectators. Why should you get out to Mallala? Here is why. Why race through the hills when you can do it legally at Mallala? That is just one of the small benefits. You crash in the hills and you WILL be hitting a guard rail, a stobbie pole, a tree or a car. You're more than likely to be injured, or worse, and your bike is going to be badly damaged from whatever it has hit. The chances of crashing in the hills are so much higher than on the track due to blind corners, unpredictable surface and traffic going in the OPPOSITE direction to you! You crash at the track and 95% of the time, you slide casually off the track and into the soft sand traps. Your bike comes out with scratches down the side, but it's all cosmetics, usually nothing mechanical is damaged. Your chances of crashing on the track are really only limited to how much you want to push it. Bike to bike collisions are rare in races and virtually non-existant in practices. I used to race through the hills with mates, but since I started racing 5 years ago, I've never done that again since. I just don't have a need for it anymore. I get everything out on the racetrack and it is 10x more fun than the hills. Dont believe me? Come try.
  4. Another Bike Learner

    Hey mate, I had an ER-6n for 4 years and as it was my only form of transport, I rode it every day and loved every minute. The bike is fantastic. Mine was not the LAMS model, so had a lot more power. Never ridden a LAMS ER-6n but I've heard that it's extremely easy to de-restrict them. Long story short, the ER-6n is an incredible bike. Looks tough and goes hard. I now own an FZ1 with nearly double the power, yet, still miss the ER.
  5. n/a TALK <<

    I can make you any stickers you may need. Check out my website (www.design89signs.com.au) and email me directly (sales@design89signs.com.au).
  6. sticker design

    What program have you used to design the bumper sticker? What format is it in currently?
  7. Hey mate, as Lococard mentioned above, I'm running a sticker business in SA called Design 89. Visit my website to see some of the stickers I've done in the past. Had heaps of customers from NS and SAU. Send me an email (sales@design89signs.com.au) with what you're after and I'll give you a quote. Cheers Jon
  8. 0-100 times

    I don't believe this. However, I am happy to set up a drag with you. My bike has been tested and recorded at 2.9seconds. I bet you will be no where near me when that needle passes the 100 mark Let me know if you're ever in Adelaide.
  9. Vinyl Wrap

    Cheers for putting the name out there guys. I run the Design 89 business and have done heaps of stickers for NS members. Unfortunately as I'm still new to the game, I don't trust myself to offer vinyl wraps yet. I have wrapped motorbike front fenders a few times for guys at the track, but that is really my limit for now. I do practice vinyl wraps often, so I will hopefully be able to offer this service in the future. For now, I'm happy to make quality die-cut vinyl stickers cheaper than the competition with very fast production and postage time Cheers, Jon
  10. 0-100 times

    0-100 in 2.9seconds. Tested by a hard wired datalogger (Veypour VR2) Vehicle: 2008 Yamaha FZ1N Mods: K&N Hi-flow airfilter Full Yoshimura TRC Titanium Exhaust System. Few weight reductions
  11. sticker printing

    Thanks for passing on the name Dave. Glad you liked the stickers, they did come out really well. I do pride myself on being the cheapest while using the best quality Avery vinyl. Pleza, if you want to send me an email (sales@design89signs.com.au) with your design and some info (size, colour, quantity), I'll be able to give you a quick quote.
  12. PRAY FOR JAPAN charity tshirt (scam?)

    Hey guys, I'm making cheap "PrayforJapan" stickers. Die-cut vinyl. Just let me know the length you want it, and how many and I'll give you a price. Also can do any other custom die-cut vinyl stickers for any logos/designs you have. Website is www.design89signs.com.au For fastest response, use the contact page on there.
  13. make me a sticker

    Let me know when you have a sticker design and want it made Here's my website www.design89signs.com.au Cheap custom vinyl stickers.
  14. Hey mate, The guy above linked me to this thread. I run a small sticker business in Adelaide and make stickers for lots of guys here on NS. I have chrome vinyl as well as many others. See more information at my website www.design89signs.com.au 1cm x 1cm is really small so the design would have to be quite simple. Send me an image of the design to sales@design89signs.com.au and I'll see what I can do. Cheers.
  15. All Japan Day 2011

    The photos above are from a collection of about 50 pics from the day. See them all here: http://s307.photobucket.com/albums/nn296/Zowne/All%20Japanese%20Day%202011/