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  1. Drifting Tasmania Drift Practice This Saturday

    A few of my shots from the practice day. The rest can be seen on our website: http://www.angrymanphotography.com.au/ or facebook: https://www.facebook...30.159583317405
  2. Round 2 Symmons Plains Vids +Pics

    This was the moment of impact
  3. Round 2 Symmons Plains Vids +Pics

    sorry for my ignorance, which one is yours?
  4. Gday

    not as yet. Usually only venture away from local tracks if there is a job to do there. Hope to catch some in the future.
  5. Lloyd Smith's 1UZ-FE AE71 Corolla Drift Car

    was good to watch....and sounded awesome
  6. Round 2 Symmons Plains Vids +Pics

    Here's some of mine: The rest can be seen here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Angryman-Photography/159583317405?v=photos#!/album.php?aid=171561&id=159583317405&upload=1
  7. Gday

    Gday folks Stumbled across this looking for a start time for the event st Symmons Plains tomorrow. I'm a motorsport photographer / journo based in tassie, so no doubt I have already seen most of the local cars at one time or another. I'll post some shots up later...see ya round