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  1. i work in an office in bangkok, about 10 mins froms siam square. i love it here. my office has a mad view of bangkok. and sexy thai secutarys. basically i just make up files and put together reports, forms and shit for businesses and other people. so easy. my pay buys about what $700aud / week does in aust. but i always waste it on rubbish. like today i lost my skytrain pass - 800 baht down the drain. back in aust im a sparky, mainly up in the mines or commercial in adelaide, it suck co ck, same deal everyday - run these cables, ties them up, terminate them, blah blah... bangkok is 1 million times better, and work is so cushy.
  2. are the outlines bumpy at all? tell tale sign of very possible scaring there. dermatologists are an expensive bunch keep in mind, if you want to go asking questions about scaring and minimising scaring to a professional.
  3. Cigarettes

    i been smoking a bit since moving to thailand dammit, not any more i hope. a few thai girls i 'visit' all hate them so i claim i do aswell
  4. its an expensive thing to do. they use uv light to kill the skin cells containing ink. and it exfolitates off. basically. different light variations for the colours. you need to go to treatments. i wrote a whole thing about it a while ago on here, cant be bothered looking for it though. some colours are harder than others, eg deep purples and reds are VERY hard to remove. if your tattoo was done by a good artist, chances are there wont be too many scars left after the ink is gone. off memory its around a few hundred per visit and you need to go to several treatments waiting a long time (months i think) inbetween visits, i wouldnt expect my koi going for less than 2k and taking around 6 monthsish. remember the scaring really depends on how well the tattoo was done in the first place. can be massively reduced with proper treatments. theres 'newer' techniques than lazers nowadays. how big is it? are you sure you dont want to go the cover up option? they sell creams that make them fade, but they are a joke and turn it into a smear and f up your skin. goodluck, and sorry for the bad news.
  5. Post pics of your tatts

    they are so addictive, as fully said im getting another soon, tatt number 9 it will be 5000 baht... so still thinking about it
  6. hansen i live in bangkok now, let me know if you ever make your way up here. samui's weather is f'd at the moment, no doubt phuket has had a bit of rain
  7. Exam Study

    soooo glad ive finished my study. you poor guys this time of year reminds me of coffee and shite loads of it
  8. As if smoking isn't bad enough

    the smokes are bad news in anyones book. ive bloody been having a few since moving to thailand, like 2 / week. i farking hate them, its burning money and your health. most of the mauy thai fighters smoke, a cigarette before and after a big fight in thai heat is so weird. anyone 'thankyou for smoking'?
  9. Niggling injuries

    sleep effects that much? ok wow cheers bud
  10. tattoo's and piercings

    yeah good to hear bud its on my left upper arm. on the inside facing ribs if that makes sense. i still have more stuff to add to it, coming soon hopefully
  11. Niggling injuries

    just a quick drama, how much does lack of sleep effect you? i mean if there are 2 lifters (same size/routine, etc) and one gets almost no sleep, other gets a lot - would the difference be noticable?
  12. tattoo's and piercings

    dammit how'd i miss this thread? i got a new one the other day - just some sakura flowers near the koi in avatar. next is a japanese shoulder job. but its gonna cost 6000 thai baht i got a traditional tattoo as well, done be 'tapping' a peice of sharpened bamboo into the skin. nice to see most people are into the japanese style tattoos. tattoos do hurt for who ever was asking, only wannabe tuff kents say they dont. but they dont hurt as much as they are made out to, and dont forget the pain after for the next few days - hot showers, bumping into stuff, dikhed mates who slap it for laughs, etc. all stir up the pain. its like really bad sun burn
  13. Let the election begin!

    um quick drama, ill be over seas when the election is - do you still have to vote if over seas? who ever is first on the ballot list gets my vote
  14. what are u drinking tonight ?

    lol rb4door has it right. love cc i think ill down some singers and vodka redbulls tonight. next to nothing in thailand. 1 bottle of singer beer = $1 at 7/11 hehehe suckers
  15. recovery

    ive been using this awesome gym here in thailand - there are some big boys here. and they go everyday. however steroids here are a quick 'no questions asked' trip to the chemist
  16. ACCENTS!

    i like the pommy accent and ofcourse asian accent (because that means they're asian)
  17. What mobile you got?

    i have a sony erricson and a nokia - the sony has more cool stuff but has annoying little problems and has a very tough life. the nokia is just a no nonsence - all business user friendly phone
  18. muay thai

    yeah probably johnny, i did last time. i went to watch it last night in lamai. my legs are about as flexible as stoby poles though. i speak thai and have been here before a few times, the hardcore muay thai gyms are up north im told. near isan i think this guy told me.
  19. Ex Girlfriends

    what nash was this married chick johnny? i dont know if i buy some of these stories your comming up with
  20. muay thai

    im in thailand right now - koh samui. theres heaps of mauy thai gyms here, and the thai dudes are hard hitters. its an awesome sport. and they do it in this heat to
  21. Ex Girlfriends

    where do you find these nuts? maybe you should try a night club or bar instead of picking up chicks from a metal hospital ... just a suggestion
  22. old but funny, ive got that on my phone, some random idiot blue toothed it to me at the alma. the alma is where adelaide freaks go on thurs night for you out of state people
  23. video recorded having sex.

    someone post thier's up or pics of the chick atleast.
  24. Professional Tattoo in Adelaide?

    your gay... gayouttatokyo yeah mike's an art gun, hes done free hand work that looks as good as any, theres a piercing guy at rundle st with a full free hand sleeve done my mike - looks awesome.
  25. video recorded having sex.

    lol hahaha ive done few times, nothing to brag about, most people have. what kind of morman would say no? i did a sneaky taping once in thailand to hehehe.