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  1. Holden SS ute

    my uncles cousins mums dads bestfriend also has a 6.0L VE but nah girls love utes
  2. For those of you who bought the sticker bomb kits from hardtuned store just wondering did you guys stick them straight onto your iphone or onto a case/screen protector? Just wondering how I should do for it to last the longest it can and still look and keep clean.
  3. gauge to show how wet your passengers are, its a must!
  4. tafe fee's?

    Had a read through my contract and it says that it is the employers responsibilty so I'm in the clear, definately won't be paying it myself again, thanks for the help guys
  5. Things that bug you about your CAR

    - window doesn't sit in the rubber properly so you get loud wind noises when you drive - air travels through roof racks and makes a whistling sound thats so annoying - its gutless...
  6. tafe fee's?

    So basically I'm a first year and my first TAFE bill came through so my boss said " you pay for it because you get it cheaper then ill reimburse you." So I pid for it then got a copy of the bill and took it into work. He suddenly starts being a total dick about it saying he will only pay half. Now my question is does he legally have to pay for my tafe fee's and what rights do i have here? Any help would be good guys, cheers.
  7. S15 cluster

    Wouldn't it have been easier to google?
  8. buying first bike

    So after years of wanting a bike my 50 year old dad decided to get a honda cbr230 for himself (mid-life crisis) Anyway I had a little play around on it in the dirt, first time riding and absoloutely loved it. Now I'm looking at getting a road registered off road bike. Wanted to see what you guys think of buying new or second hand and what bikes are good and what ones aren't so much? Was thinking maybe a used yamaha wr250 they seem to be around the 5k mark which would be the ideal amount I'd like to spend. Any help would be appreciated. cheers guys.
  9. Girl friend & Nissan 180sx

    women aren't meant to drive cars there meant to operate microwaves and ovens
  10. What tools do you use everyday?

    If you know how to strip wire properly you don't need wire strippers side cutters are just as quick and easy. I never used to be able to strip wire for shit but got an auto elec apprenticeship now do it everyday and bitches cream when they see me strip wire now
  11. AE92 Seca SX

    I drive a little seca around sort of as a daily while i save, good cars, reliable and parts are real cheap. Inspect it as you would any other car as long as the owners kept it in good nick you should be alright.
  12. TPS/ Throttle questions

    I dont know if it is your problem but at work when we are changing a throttle position theres a method involved off setting it. We measure the voltage of the signal wire and there should be factory sepcifications to how much it should read closed between like 0.55 to 0.75 volts then you tighten the sensor.

    I looked at yours and was really close to giving you a call. Looking for something more stock though so I can build it up overtime, love what you've done with it though! I sent kristian an email thanks for the help guys
  14. The Tradie Roll-call Thread.

    Name: Josh Job title: Apprentice auto electrician Give a brief description of the job: Fix shit box cars How did you get into the job?: Work experience then offered an apprenticeship How many years have you been in the job?: 4 months What is the pay like from beginner to your current level?: shit because I'm first year What was the training like?: Learnt so much in the past 4 months Do you wish you had done a different trade?: No love everything about it except the shitty cars