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  1. Student Exchange

    just wondering if any of you have studied overseas during uni currently studying at RMIT, and i'm contemplating it at the moment, but got no clue where to go, hopefully someone can give me some ideas, inc costs etc? thanks
  2. The avengers

    cannot wait for the next one...thanos, enough said
  3. things that annoy you

    people standing on the wrong side of an escaltor when you're in a hurry -.-
  4. HIIT

    Hi all, was reading up on HIIT and came up with a few questions... first, is it better to eat before the session or after (eg morning before breakfast)? and, instead of the normal running routine, would a stationary bike be suitable? thanks
  5. as topic states, i'm looking at buying the logitech z-5500's. Done some research and found that msy has the cheapest price currently at $329.00. just wondering whether or not any of you know of any places in melbourne that sell them for cheaper?? thanks
  6. cheapest z-5500's in melbourne?

    where abouts are you from? from the broady area had to go all the way up to north melbourne msy, as pascoe vale didnt stock them...they're actually pretty good speakers
  7. cheapest z-5500's in melbourne?

    aite thanks, cheapest i've found so far are from msy so i guess i'll be getting them from there
  8. simple question, probably belongs in the tech discussion, but can text messages stored on your computer be transferred to your iphone??
  9. digital cameras

    bought this about 3 weeks ago http://www.cnet.com.au/olympus-mju-9010-339300479.htm possibly the worst camera to get when it comes to lowlight photos... just wondering if any of you could recommend a digital camera that performs well for those random photos etc, for about $300 - $400 thanks
  10. sounds like a common problem, has been occurring to me frequently as well has anyone else found that after the anti virus program detects trojans etc, a program is installed? something like "HDD DOCTOR" or "SPYWARE DEFENDER" which continuously blocks you from opening up any programs etc?
  11. a potato and other random stuff
  12. HDD Doctor

    well, about 2 hours ago, my laptop got infected with this malware called "HDD Doctor" check here for more info: http://deletemalware...-uninstall.html basically this thing pretends to be a hdd scanner/fixer and screw your computer up just wanted to know if any of you have had any experience with this or if you know how to remove it cause its being a bitch
  13. HDD Doctor

    oh hehehe didnt see that part -.- all good now thought thanks
  14. HDD Doctor

    thanks mate, worked perfectly hehehe i know i know, i tried it but i couldnt even start up task manager because the program kept blocking it, dw got it sorted now
  15. Powerbalance

    anyone heard of this powerbalance stuff? http://www.powerbalance.com/australia its this wristband that apparently helps you to balance, etc during sports yea or nah?...or is it just some bs/money making scam? anyone tried it?
  16. VicDrift Practice Day - December 2010

    sounds like it was nuts...anyone got photos? especially of a r31 wagon in the beginners track
  17. Winton :D

    aite put it in the right section ummm might sound sorta stupid but is there anyway to get to Winton via public transport from broadmeadows?
  18. Who thinks a PS3 Controller is SH&T?

    meh... i reckon it all comes down to personal preference both controllers are alright, but its whatever you feel comfortable with
  19. Winton :D

    haha true mate, but only problem is, its gonna be me and a few other mates (too many people to ride in a car), and also, all of us are underage so i reckon it'll be a bit of fun using public transport
  20. Winton :D

    yea bro, gonna be cheap as nah vline tickets are $20 for concession, return so sounds good now i gotta work out how to get from the station to the racecourse...help greatly appreciated again
  21. Winton :D

    nah i sorta didn't do much of a search cause i've never been up there before and thanks for the link mate
  22. math genius's report in asap

    asymptote is at x= -1.86
  23. 93 prelude bodykit

    orite my cuz recently bought a 1993 honda prelude for $2000 it looks rice and sorta shit atm, so we're looking for a kit and wheels for it, etc does anyone have any ideas on what he should get? and can i have any links for site/places that sell kits, etc for the prelude also need rear taillights...altezza lights thnx ps heres what the car looks like http://www.tradingpo...t=true&AdOnTop= worst looking ive ever seen
  24. Eminem

    recently ive realised that eminem is actually a pretty good rapper... i never used to like him but some of his songs have actual meaning... anyone else out there that likes/dislikes him or his songs just like to know
  25. 93 prelude bodykit

    -.- noobcakes...are you serious u make me laugh mate