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  1. sold please delete

    Hey mate, Check your inbox. Cheers
  2. let me know how much if you are willing to sell just the pwr oil cooler, including postage to melbourne.
  3. whats the condition of the cusco 2way 4.08 diff?

    spotted a black onevia parked on cambrigde st, boxhill yesterday night

    Mint looking silver 200zr on whitehorse rd this morning on the way to work.
  6. [VIC] STOLEN S15 with qld rego

    OMG!!! That's terrible mate. Sorry to hear abt your loss. PS: I'm the guy who bought your 37sl.
  7. Cutting Rear guards

    How about bolt-on rear fibreglass wide fenders? Are they illegal too?
  8. Very nice build there mate. Love how fast the 180 was prepped up, and love the factory colour scheme as well. Sigh...my red S14 is still in the same pitiful condition. Craig from Whitehorse couldn't help me in rebarreling my 12j rims. Anyways, I'll PM you, as I need your feedback/quote. Cheers
  9. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Lovin' your LED tail lights there mate. Thinking of getting a similar set as well, but not sure if it's worth it or not for my s1 daily.
  10. Very nice! where did you relocate the A/C controller to?
  11. TPG drop outs in VIc, anyone else getting hit?

    I've got tpg at home as well, and shit happens, quite often, when i'm not in the country...wife called me up a coupla times complaining the line drop. She's called the tech, and got crap... anyways, just wondering if there's any other option to go for...