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  1. bolt on spacers

    I had 25mm's all round with my last rims... Never had an issue.. I have seen and heard what happens when you don't use loctite on the nuts... lets just say you don't want it happening to your car..
  2. 215/45s on a 9" rim?

    go smaller... get a 205... I put 215/40/18 on a 9.5"... looks mint.
  3. Tomei Arms m7960 & 8270

    1mm nitto metal gasket
  4. RB25 or build my SR

    Remember (and at the risk of being flamed....) an RB is just a CA with two more cylinders... Stay SR or go 1JZ/2JZ.... Unless you're getting an RB26 out of a 34 GTR..
  6. RB25 or build my SR

    I had my SR built and made 250rwkw, Its very reliable, responsive and is TONS of fun.... With the amount of money I've spent, I could have made a much more fun RB25DET with stock internals, similar response, more torque and maybe 300rwkw... but I would KNOW the bottom end has 80,xxx + KMs on it and its only a matter of time... Where as my SR, I know only has 15,900kms on it, and I know it will take 250rwkw all day long... Money wise the rebuild/forged motor is alot more expensive than a stock RB25.. but the reliabillity and peace of mind is priceless.
  7. bc coilovers

    20,000kms on my BR... going strong...
  8. bc coilovers

    Top nut in my br series came loose too, tightened it up all good
  9. I love ur front guards mate... hawt!
  10. Red Shitbok - Matsuri 2K14 wrap up!

    nah - manned up Les.. Keeping the 180 forever.. (or untill I seriously break it... or it breaks me..)
  11. Red Shitbok - Matsuri 2K14 wrap up!

    Yeah mate its a 4.08 ratio... if you can find me some 4.3:1 gears I will be your best mate forever!! Good results from the upgrades man... 2 way is wicked over a mountain, took time to get used to but loving it
  12. I know that Mercury Motorsport here in brisbane keep a pretty healthy supply, however thats 30kms from my house... and not between my house or work, and in the opposite direction of the nearest mountain runs... Unless they would sell me a 44gal drum it would be a pain in the ass
  13. but where do you get a good supply of E85? I've still never seen it at any pump anywhere?
  14. TOMEI arms M8270/ M8260 turbo

    HKS-3-0-3-7 Yo
  15. One of the guys who works where I had my SR built has an internally stock SR (with cams) making 277.6rwkw... Sky is the limit, but longevity is not great I'd imagine... His quote... "A $10,000 built motor will blow up if abused... I can abuse 10 stock bottom ends for the same price as 1 built one."