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  1. Anyone ever bought anything from Otomoto?

    also bought wheels and coilovers and always been helpful
  2. Farcry 3

    last night was was on the hang glider coming in for landing until a bird smashed into it and sent me pludging to my death hahahaha
  3. Farcry 3

    ended up getting it on Monday, and shat myself lastnight for the first time when i went to dive in the water, and before i heard the splash i was being mauled by a croc! awesome game!
  4. Farcry 3

    not having played 1 or 2 and reading this/seeing the ads im keen on buying it - can I jump straight into 3 without knowing what went on in 1and 2?
  5. O.C.D

    my notes in my wallet have to go from smallest to largest haha
  6. O.C.D

    Aaaaaaargh same here forgot about this one, it's hard aswel as I work at a car dealership so drive as much as 20 different cars a day and straighten all the vents before driving im bad for this too. also does my head in if someone pulls something out of the microwave before the countdown timer ends. I have to clear it so it shows the actual time lolol
  7. indeed mate.. will upload more pics of the damage this week.
  8. Pulled out the box and stripped all the bolt-ons from the motor last weekend - hopefully pull the motor out this weekend. was pretty funny when we got under the car and found bits of the block everywhere lololol
  9. couldnt agree more. the driving in the game is the only thing that lets it down a little but you its not a big deal as the rest of the gameplay is great.
  10. snapped it up last night after reading the comments in here. got 10mins in before i had to turn it off - seemed pretty good! hanging to get home and thrash it this weekend.
  11. http://youtu.be/K1e1YBSMGzw all 12sec of it lololol
  12. last week went out to EC for the Driving Sports night. Got to my 4th run out on the Peanut and heard a light tap/knock.. Pulled off and had a listen and we were conviced it was the rockers, decided to drive it as home isnt to far away from the track lolol got about 5km down the road and sounded like i was riding a John Deere Lawnmower and ended up dumping the car at my GF's as it was becoming to hideously loud to drive lololol Arranged to pick it up last weekend and take it back to a mates to check it out..we took the cover off, and looked pretty normal....cover went on and was dared to to destroy it on the spot with a good old fashioned shed burnout!!! the result....(vid to come later) R.I.P,
  13. Breaking Bad

    its worst having to wait another week for next epp!!! Walts starting to lose his shit now lolol