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  1. more info bout using there cars? and the extra cost?
  2. Jess Coopers 16th

    +1 mistro.... i think there going to need the riot police ....
  3. 13/3/11 T Way Car Meet

    dam have to miss this one.... in need of a tune on wednesday!
  4. evo 3

    thanks mate. would a gsr 2L 4wd be worth 10?
  5. need help!

    hey guys if anyone is good or knows someone who is good with making hoodies and stickers for cars please get back to me
  6. Hey all. I have a r33 nothing special and was wondering if any amatuer photographers were good with car shots?? if you could help me out be good... located in fairfield, SYD
  7. Been sacked for a funny reason?

    i was a manager for a bus company and i got fired for posting up 2 fat chicks going at it in the staff room LMAO
  8. Need Help Tracking Down a Stagea Owner in NSW

    i have a stagea for sale also
  9. hey guys i dont have paypal and i am wanting to sell my car in the NSW section. is it possible for me to pay one of you $20 to do it for me??
  10. evo 3

    i am looking at getting a GSR with 2L engine and 4WD in yellow..... i have a stagea atm 96 model stock auto turbo. i am wanting to know people opinions on how much u think the gsr would be worth these days? as the import market is dying hard... get the evo3 or better off in value with the stagea?
  11. Fast Fours & Rotaries Cruise

    ill be at this one should be good...
  12. from what i have read maybe he was a cop??
  13. cdj2000

    these decks are sick definately worth buying!
  14. working on cruise ships

    i looked into it but couldnt find any that werent scams