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  1. Hey guys, Need to get my front guards flared/pumped about 15 - 20mm. Any good places near Kilkenny, City etc? Cheers!
  2. JZX100 Chaser - RPF1 Goodness!

    Hey all, Finally got myself a Chaser! I started off with a Nonturbo S13. Loved it to bits, especially as it was my first car. But the auto gearbox and the NA SR20 were a bit dull, and when the auto started to fail on me I thought it was time to sell. Made a tidy little profit and was on the hunt for a Chaser! Inevitably, I ended up rushing into things and ended up with an R34 4DR (Major regret) After catching a 11hr bus to Melbourne and a 10hr drive back to Adelaide(with no stereo!) it turned out, I hate Skylines. The aircon didnt work, the two front windows didnt work, the paint was shit, it wasn't comfortable and was awful on fuel. I just didn't like it, and I wasn't happy with it. Plus, everytime I saw a Chaser I would get pissed off! Soooo I sold it, made a small profit and hunted for a Chaser. (This time knowing to wait for a car I wanted!) After looking around for a month or so, missing out on a few great cars, I came across this. Exactly what I was after! Interior is immaculate Pearl White Auto Lip Kit Factory HIDS 105,000kms on the clock TRD 3inch Catback Exhaust After about 3 weeks of back and forth between the seller and I, it was in my driveway on Friday! Could not be happier, such an amazing car. Makes me even more angry about wasting time on the Skyline! Immediate plans are: S2 Tailights Clear/Smoked Corners Alpine Headunit TRD Grille Panel filter (Heard pods are shithouse?) Future plans: Coilovers (Maybe BC, HSD) Wheels (Thinking VSKFs, something with dish) Front mount MV Automatics Shift Kit + High stall AMPerformance Dump AMPerformance TwinTips Tomei Arms M8280 Apexi Power FC And thats about it for now, plans are to have a nice cruiser!
  3. Do you have a picture of the 18x9? Id like to see the dish/lip size
  4. Super jealous of Super Advans. Best wheels!
  5. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Finished last night. Going back through on easy to grab the collectibles I missed. Was a pretty good game, solid story and gameplay. Tried a level on the hardest difficulty, f**king insane to say the least. I'm not gonna bother trying cos I'll just get mad haha
  6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Anyone grabbing this tomorrow? Pretty keen!
  7. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Headlights look mint too. My bros are all yellow and haggard as f**k
  8. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Supra rear ends are soooo good.
  9. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Ghosts was awful so I'll hold off on this one. Then late October I'll go preorder it anyway
  10. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Loved this build before but now I love it more! Supra
  11. Battlefront 3?

    Super keen, also on Xbox One. Never played a Battlefront game though
  12. Xbox One

    ^ that and horrible distorted music
  13. Xbox One

    I've heard the Division was pushed back to 2015. Pretty keen on Destiny though. Will probably pick up Watch Dogs for something new to play although I have no idea what it is about
  14. Metal Gear Solid V

  15. Xbox One

    Nope, needs new games badly.
  16. Metal Gear Solid V

    I've read someone did it in 8mins, I reckon I'll rent it haha
  17. PS4

    Might wait for some more games to release then, I really want The Division but it will probably only be 720p on Xbox lol
  18. PS4

    So how are you guys finding the PS4? I'm thinking about buying one
  19. Xbox One

    Same as above, GT is Ghettobean. Loving Titanfall, I hit 50 last night and am already back at 25 haha.
  20. The Walking Dead

    Yeah I wasn't expecting that kid to snap like that
  21. Battlefield 4

  22. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    I'll sell you my 250gb 360 slim for $150
  23. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    360s are only $79 from Target or Big W now