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  1. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Does Rex Kelway still sell the tub kits? Wont let me pm him, i think his inbox is full
  2. f**k i could use a few of them 1500 dollar ls engines that are being sold to the amatuar motorsport community. i wonder if anyone has the balls to admit theve bought a questionable ls engine in the last few years
  3. Blast Pipes

    I'd be more worried about being defected for no cat then to loud
  4. King springs but standard xr height, engine has basics cam, headers, intake, retuned ecu
  5. It's alright, its a hd clutch Gets up to speed fairly easy
  6. Yep xr6t was horrible, will never do it again I guess.its because the turbo is always on boost. My ef is a manual and now is my only tow car, does the job fine
  7. Was pj ranger, was by far one of the best things I've towed with. It had a long range fuel tank in it too
  8. Best Turbo Wagon

    . Why is the bike on the roof, can fit 10 bikes in the back cause wagon not with a pram, girlfriends luggage, and my luggage you cant. hence the roof racks man! Fair enough lol, I wish I had bought a stagea instead of my 34 sedan but oh well
  9. I've towed with a few cars over the years Ba xr6 turbo sedan -used a full tank of fuel in about 300ks -scrubbed the back tyres out -towed at 110 easy and plenty of power to overtake Gu patrol t diesel -good economy -barely felt like towing -not much power for overtaking tho Vz ss Ute -Poor economy -nice to tow -plenty of power -had aftermarket exhaust on it which made it very loud with the load on Ef falcon 6 -fairly decent on fuel -very aware that its towing tho -reasonable power for overtaking Ford ranger -not great on fuel but still reasonable - barely felt like towing at all, very comfortable -plenty of power
  10. Best Turbo Wagon

    Why is the bike on the roof, can fit 10 bikes in the back cause wagon
  11. Best Turbo Wagon

    Autech stagea 260 Awd + rb26 can't lose
  12. S13 Lower Control Arms

    I had to used the rack spacers and longer tie rods with my extended lcas
  13. S13 Lower Control Arms

    Smm bolt on rack spacers are what you need also gives more steering lock can be bought from garage7.com.au
  14. List the cars you have owned

    Sigma 85 telstar 95 ef gli 95 ef xr6 97 el Fairmont ghia 96 ef xr6 turbo S13 Silvia Eb Fairmont ghia Mitsubishi starion Ba xr6 turbo R34 gtt sedan
  15. I usually put my tie downs through the rim around the hub, down side is it leaves marks on your wheels but I'm not too worried about that