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  1. Bbs Rg Ii Wheels 18" - $450

    Price : $450 Condition : Used Up for sale is a set of Single Piece Forged BBS RG II Wheels... Made in Germany Front : 18 x 8" + 40 NO tyres Rear : 18 x 9" +45" NO tyres Clears big brakes, had them on a R33 with 33-GTR Brembo's. Am now looking at getting some other wheels. Will suit any 5x114.3 stud pattern cars. In good condition. No major scratches, minor ones, but overall presentably clean. Comes with Centre caps as well. Pick up only

    Was looking for an s14, and came across this, for a VERY low price. went and saw it and bargained hard with the guy, managed to get it for an even better price. first things first, rip the engine out and get another one as this thing pisses out oil, chain is noisy, low comp, tappet noise...has potential
  3. スカイライン

    Hey there, Just thought i would post up my skyline. Have had it since Easter this year. Used to own a R33 Coupe that looked like this back on my provisional license. Anyway here goes the story and pics...so yeah, what do ya guys rkn ? Went up to Sunny coast for easter holidays with cash in my pocket just incase something turned up, wasnt really expecting it either. Searched around on the interwebs when this popped up and knew i would buy it, it was just a matter of $$$ and if it was sold or not. Rushed and got the phone and organised a meet up to see the car. After a test drive and a detailed look around i was happy with it, handed over the money, and drove it to the hotel. First Day i looked at it at ol` mates place... 1994 R33 Skyline 4 dr SI Engine RB26 yO Supercat 3" turbo back exhaust now changed to a fujitsubo giken legalis r muffler PWR FMIC PWR Oil Cooler PWR Aluminium Radiator Autometer Boost Gauge Turbosmart BOV (plumback) GTR Fuel Pump MINES Ecu Manual Boost Controller Suspension and Brakes Whiteline Adj Sway Bars FR and RR Bilstein Coilovers BREMBO Brakes FR and RR Slotted Rotors (just need to install em) Cusco Front Adjustable Camber Arms Cusco Rear Adjustable Camber Arms R33 GTR Strutbraces FR and RR BBS RGII 18x8 FR 18x9 RR Interior NISMO 300kph Dash Autometer Boost Gauge Phillips Headunit Kenwood Speakers FR and RR Leonard Volanti Steering wheel changed to OEM Wheel Some pics of when she first came into my hands, with the stupid 400R front bar Started sourcing a front bar and reo but wasnt sure what i wanted. Got sick of fibreglass and repairing it i decided to go MSPEC front bar, and looked for that, and my god it was hard to find for a while, not to mention too expensive. Rang up the place i always use and they had one for a 4dr, in mspec with a reo that i got for $120 for the lot as well as a spare set of indicators/fog lights Got stuck into it to repair/repaint/replace Old bar off Bit of a drama to put a std bar off with the oil cooler in the way MUCH BETTER ! Filled in the bar and replaced the missing bit with another piece of plastic and welded her up, then run some primer on it Sanded her down then put 2k PRIMER Blocked it down with 600 Wet, then 1200 wet and the new paint Finished results
  4. スカイライン

    One day was heading off to a mates place, was just cruising at 20km/h around a corner when suddenly i hear a crrk and then steering went stiff and charge light came on, i was like what the f**k.... Pulled over, being 8pm i had a torch handy in the car just in case...always carry one...and well.... Found my crank puller just chilling next to the a/c compressor so snatch strapped it home with my mate in his lil focus pulling me back, (thank god it was only 2 streets away) close inspection showed it f**ked up my pwr steering pulley, fan shroud, fan, waterpump, waterpump pulley and all 3 belts....so i decided time to upgrade and major service it and bought what i needed.. the damage home workshop lol Old shit removing time Bought a 550hp ATI super damper from JUSTJAP comparison with pwr steering pulley on the crank too New parts to replace bought this second hand for $20. Fujitsubo giken legalis r...quiet and so good During the service Gates timing belt, f**ked off the bearings/idlers and used OEM All done !!! just Spark plug cover left to respray in black

    A wash for starters, and a carbon bonnet lip..
  6. what is your latest purchase?

    Devilbiss GTi 620g spray gun
  7. what is your latest purchase?

    GTR Style front bar for the 4 door had to get it made up from the current template (400r)
  8. n/a TALK <<

    currently repping wheels in primer atm
  9. Im after a new wallet

    got this just yesterday 9 slots for cards. license holder and 2 slot for notes. no coin holder, i dont keep coins. and, real c.f inside
  10. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    got bored and primed the wheels, am deciding to paint 2k solid white rather than the black and chrome lip
  11. luxury watches

    this and this are my going out watch, depends what i have on at the time where as this is just my every day watch
  12. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    ^^ what wheels are they ?
  13. Show Your Daily?

    now i have the SS soarer as the daily. and now and again, i use the good ol 72 lux hehe. orange w/ blk steelies.
  14. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    my 33, lol nothing flashy, just simple and clean, only thing i dont quite like is my wheels. too small and narrow >.> needs moar 17"
  15. Show me your stickers!

    that's all i got, and
  16. what is your latest purchase?

    koya rg teks 18 x 7.5 2 x 12 packs of mountain dew voltage 2 x 12 packs of dr pepper cherry 24 pack of corona. ahh the bar fridge is now complete and stocked up and these came today from footlocker u.s.a
  17. Nissan Skyline

    95 skyline r33 na gts 5 spd man silver Mods ; Zorst Wheels K & N Panel Filter (thank god it aint a pod.) Future Mods ; GTR front bar (coz i don't like the s1 bar tbh) Brake upgrade to s2 5 stud conversion along with brake upgrade obviously 18" lenso wide tracks, maybe something with a little bit of lip. maybe even rota grids New zorst system re-trim drivers seat to originial Audio upgrade Suspension upgrades along with the brake Coil-overs, sway bars, camber tops. All up this car is pretty much a steal and it's in prime condition with a full rwc, no oil leaks, no blown head or anything. P.S. ; yeah dont mind the p plates all around the car...friends thought it'd be funny to post all the spares i had for the other cars at the same time