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  1. GSL Rallysport will make you pads if you send them the old ones to re-surface.
  2. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    I'll be happy either way
  3. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    On the day above I was throwing it around a bit in front of the officials. There were a couple keen drifters in Silvias linking corners and the blokes running the day seemed as keen to watch as the rest of us. One thing the footage doesn't show is the camber of the corners. You can get on the gas surprisingly hard through most of them, even in the wet. In the vid above, between the last 2 corners, you can see the rear unload right at the end of the corner as it flattens out. And I wasn't even jumping on it. Going back in a few weeks - can't wait to give it a proper crack this time.
  4. rwc intercooler question

    If done neatly and the rest of the car looks professional you may get away with it. Luck of the draw really.
  5. Rebuilding s15 t28

    Ball bearing or journal?
  6. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    Yeah fair call! A 4G63 fwd Lancer did exactly that on the day above.
  7. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    Man you missed out, it's great fun in the wet. It rained most of my first time there. Slow, but lots of fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNeK9mYOTJQ&feature=plcp
  8. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    Haunted Hills is soooo much fun. You'll love it.
  9. I went through the same with my S14 handled great on smooth surfaces but was bouncy and would skip across bumps. This was 9 and 6 kg/mm springs. I found the best option was to keep the rose jointed arms, solid bushes, links and swaybars but moved to the same struts you have in the GTR, Nismo S-Tune which are around 5.5kg/mm. The car actually has more grip now as it is able to keep the rubber on the road when it gets a bit rough, and is much much more comfortable on the road. Faster around Sandown on street rubber too.
  10. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Have a look at Dashware too, works really well.
  11. S12 owner from Sweden

    Ever manage to get any pics up?
  12. S12 Gazelle - IRS set up for track car?

    Need to be handy with the welder for the S13 rear, the mounts just aren't there. In case anyone is interested, it looks like we'll get k-mac to make us some 5kg/mm 2" drop springs, some KYBs to suit and and adjustable camber/toe bushes for an E30. S12killen - its not finished, but thread is here: http://s12silvia.com...12-track-toy-p/
  13. That's disgusting, what a waste of everyones time. I heard a whisper that VicPol officers were told this week to raise some funds and book people on obscure offences. A mate of mine got done on Collins St yesterday for doing a "wonky" (that was the cops description!) hook turn.
  14. New Motorsport Facility in Albury Wodonga

    Haven't heard about this until now - great news!