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  1. Type X side extensions

    Im currently looking at buying the side extensions from NissanParts.cc having them delivered to a mate in san fran who will be home for christmas. New dilema, will i need the brackets for the side extensions? http://www.nissanparts.cc/catalog/?section=1211
  2. Alright i know that the type X side extensions are different to that of the SR. But how different are we talking? is there no way the front bar would fit? are they shorter/longer, wider/thinner? Basically asking WHAT is the difference. Can't seem to get a straight answer from any one. Thanks in advance =) Ooo and pics of a comparison would be appreciated
  3. My Midnight Blue 180sx Clean and simple.

    i want a stupid type x bar
  4. My Midnight Blue 180sx Clean and simple.

    Slapped on the driftworks turbo back, race cat and had LE fabricate a mid pipe with a huge muffler for my new A-SPEC Blast pipes. Incredibly quiet for blast pipes. Lost the rumble of the cannon, but its quite raspy as it is now. Almost sounds exotic sitting on boost =)
  5. Catalytic Converter

    go high flow bro, something that flows over 400cpi.....usually cost about $350 though
  6. They have the BEST chicken burgers. Always chilling in frangos. I would go far as to say its proper charcoal chicken though. More portugese bbq chicken. unless the owners full name was "Frango Moustafa Abdoola Habibi Moey Dw"......i was gna say doesnt sound like the real deal!
  7. My Midnight Blue 180sx Clean and simple.

    Bought the driftworks twin front pipe, driftworks bellmouth dump, and a-spec BLAST PIPES. pics to follow! any recomendation on resonator, mid muffler? dont want it too loud as it is a daily (used on the highway and sitting at 100 with a drony exhaust = headache) basically i want it loud when it needs to be. suggestions?
  8. whats the going rate on having them high flowed?
  9. Dump Pipes

    bellmouth it is... much of a difference between the JJR bellmouth and say a HPI?
  10. Dump Pipes

    THIS hashahaha check my topics man, i asked exact same question.... cheers boss.
  11. So i'm looking to uprgade my dump pipe (with the rest of the exhaust), and am a bit baffled by the options i have. bellmouth? Split? What's the difference between ur long spilt, short split dumps? I understand split reduces turbulence bla bla bla, but does it make that big a difference? I've seen dumps as cheap as $95 (JJR Split dump) to $500 HPI bellmouth. is it worth the money? Thanks in advance =) oh and no to screamer. im not that cool
  12. Man have u been under a rock all ur life? It's the pizza hut of charcoal chicken... 10 years ago before alllll the other shops came to being it was habibs and a select few that made good chicken. Now habibs is pizza hut...meh
  13. Haha, they employ highly skilled cooks! or the odd junkie.
  14. come on man. its ALWAYS fresh. garlic there is not bad but za sheken iz za best!