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  1. Traedayz, thankyou for your informative and quick reply. Sounds like there is a rich database of spare parts available. If it helps to define my question, im on a pretty strict budget. I know some would say if im on a budget dont bother getting a performance vehicle, but when i say budget i mean within reason. I am leaning towards the semi automatic evo 7/7.5 gta. has anyone had any history with this vehicles as it looks the goods, and sounds like the semi auto is bearable. Once again, thanks.
  2. Hey guys, Im pretty interested in purchasing an evo in the upcoming months. Being a not so everyday seen car i can imagine that parts wouldnt be as common. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what the aftermarket support and availability is like in Australia? and by that i mean do workshops carry parts on hand or are they mostly ordered in? Before i get flamed i have tried the search option but could not narrow down to what i would like, Also can mitsubishi supply basic genuine parts on site for these cars, being imports i can imagine it may take a while. Any information on this would be much appreciated as im trying to get as much information on this car before i make my decision. Thanks,
  3. my jzx81 drift machine

    Very nice, I like it alot
  4. KbaTz JZX100 Chaser!

    great looking chaser, makes me want one real bad now..
  5. Dori KE- the slow smurf

    lovin this build man.. nardi wheel looks sweet. stickers look good imo!
  6. hey there, i have a 90-91 honda civic that i want to start mildly modifiying, first of all id like to know what honda turbo engines will be good for a conversion? and while sourcing a turbo honda engine what modifications will be good for a stock honda in the mean time? also my car has no central locking, i seen a central locking kit in jb hi fi are these universal? will it cost a arm and a leg to install? thanks!
  7. Best of the Bloody Beetroots

  8. Best Cruising/ Songs With Good Bass!

    Anything by darren styles Come running save me girls like you
  9. Speeding fine

    very true indeed chase-1, i will be sure to keep you guys informed. cheers
  10. Speeding fine

    I dont know why people are assuming my intentions are to not pay the fine... basically all i wanted to know is if it was possible to get a photo of me driving like the owner of the car said he had... anyway a request for the photo to be obtained has been sent... thankyou for the positive information people.
  11. Speeding fine

    Yeah mate must of been as high as a kite cause i deadset cant remember seeing a flash lol. If he cant get the photo then looks like i wont be paying a cent then... which makes the story even more dodgy is that he hasnt even confronted me about taking the demerit points at all??.. but if he can get proof then ill be doing the rite thing of course. cheers guys
  12. Speeding fine

    It was about a month ago, so thats why im asking for this so called photo of me driving as i cant really remember that far back... but as it was my mates car i made sure i took extra caution. But if he cant make with the photo of me driving i will agree to pay half.
  13. Speeding fine

    thanks for the input syk, appreciate it.
  14. Speeding fine

    Adubz: Yes i am willing to pay for the whole fine, nowhere in the post i never stated i would not pay for the fine. But what im trying to figure out is if the cameras can actually take a photo of the driver as i have also never heard of this happening before. cheers,
  15. Speeding fine

    Hey people first time poster on the site, just a few questions regarding a recent speeding fine while driving a mates car. First of all my mate has emailed me and told me that they have photographed me driving his car at the time of the offence.. i didnt realise technology was this great and could actually photograph the driver, do you think my mate is stitchin me up or can this case be possible. I have requested this photo through my mate and if he cant get it i will agree to pay half i think this is more then fair. I would of thought that the police would of seen my face and realised it was not the actual owner of the car, this leading to more questions. I have been told that if he wants to change the fine over to my name if will have to get some sort of statutory agreement if i do not sign (which will not be the case) where will i stand with the fine? i live in south australia if that helps... sorry about the long post people thankyou, JAP93