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  1. a31 cefiro daily difter

    Did you buy this off a guy in hoppers?
  2. To you and all those below, I have your answer in a nutshell.. It's kind of a question answering a question, well here it is.. Have you ever met rone? If your answer was no, then it can't be explained! If you have you already know why he is going to this extent lol.. It's just who he is, I think that's how to put it Haha can't wait for the updates RONE!
  3. O.C.D

    Wardrobe has to be closed at night before I fall asleep, even of slightly open I get up no matter how cold/ drunk or sick I am just to shut it, same as my door! Another one is when I place down my phone/ wallet/ keys/ smokes/ lighter or anything in my pocket really on a table or something they have to be straight in and some sort of neat fashion lol! Not sure why but I always have...
  4. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Work wheels acquired haha, well tomorrow they will be Car looks sick in the flesh too man
  5. Defected for s15 stock HIDs

    Old mans new car comes with stock H.I.D's, that being said they are auto-adjusting and have water squirters and wipers on them to clear the lense! That's the only way they are legal I'm pretty sure
  6. Stuff you got picked for

    Loose battery clamp Low Steering wheel Coilovers too stiff The usual..
  7. is my comppression ok

    As longs as the difference between cylinders isnt more then about 10psi usually just a tired motor! Unless its like 90-100 across all four! Wouldn't rely on a comp test though as mine read between 145-150 across all four then spun a bearing an hour later, doesn't always tell you our motor is healthy or the opposite haha
  8. Get these so called marine biologist scam emails every time I sell something on eBay, car sales, firesport, etc! I just reply back one nice clearly abusive message usually involving alot of explisit language, they never usually reply to me after that
  9. Day after my 21st, will be interesting to see if i can make it haha
  10. 180SX V's VR Commodore?

    Got beat by a VN in my stock 32gtr once but he cheated because he had a pod filter, he only told me after the race :/
  11. drifting an na

    My old Na sr20 slid third in the wet no issue at all! Lots of entry speed and clutch to keep it going/ manji! Learn to drift in Na first and you'll be a better driver for it
  12. New Classifieds

    Haven't tried on my computer yet but the mobile version is sending me to a wierd login screen I've never seen but then when I go back to menu I'm already logged in.. :/
  13. NA POWER

    Really? Surely not for real.. Shorten intake, extractors, 2.5" exhaust, advance timing, tune if really wanted, close to 100rwkw more then enough with no real hassle from the police, best option Probs enough for you to wrap your head around for now judging by your previous posts
  14. POWERAILS Seat Rails *SPECIAL*

    Hey mate after a s13 reclinable rail drivers side, bottom mount seat not side. Posted to 3028 Vic, pm me price an payment details cheers