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  1. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    They didn't specified
  2. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    Thanks. I've called today to our local KW distributor, they told me what KW offering for my car only competition-grade coilovers and suggested me to buy tein if i use my car daily.
  3. D1 spec

    A friend of mine once lost a wheel because of these nuts on S15. The wheel ended up stuck in the front of police car which headed towards him. You should look for a steel nuts - project mu super 7 for instance.
  4. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    I want to buy tein because they relatively cheap and i have workshop in my city who rebuilds them. I've also looked at KW Suspension, but the cost about $1000 more.
  5. front right F3862-85F00 front left F3863-85F00 rear right G8862-85F00 rear left G8863-85F00 K.SR20DET +K.S.MT.F5 +K.S/AERO (#WK0,#EV1,#WV2)
  6. The most amazing thing they offered is the intercooler water cooling system.
  7. Nissan Silvia S15 Car Brochure: Nissan Silvia S15 Original Parts Catalog: Shame on everyone who selling these on ebay
  8. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    i don't had such problem, after i installed these coilovers i was able to set about 2-2.5 of negative camber. Installed new tyres on the past weekend - car feels completly different, worth every penny. Sadly, i've noticed oil leaks from the shocks and now looking for new coilvers. Which one of these will be more suitable for track days? 7F, 5R or 9F, 7R? http://www.tein.co.j...=1&srchfrwd=S15
  9. Choose and install rear wing properly?

    I can create some bracing mounted to the boot floor with andustable height so it will support the wing somehow and prevent boot lid from damaging. Also i saw recently boot lid with a wing and X-shaped bracing underneath welded to the boot hinges. Dont know.
  10. Choose and install rear wing properly?

    How to choose an aftermarket wing? What height, width, shape should it be?
  11. Choose and install rear wing properly?

    I've asked about stock ducktail only because some modern high performance cars come with similar spoilers in stock. What about stock wing by the way, is it also useless?
  12. I want to install rear wing on the trunk of the car so the it will be more stable on a track. My s15 doesnt have any wing/spoiler from the factory. Which one should i look for and how to properly adjust it? Do i need one those big fancy carbon wings like on sx developments car or the nismo ducktail will be enough?
  13. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    I've heard about these tyres but sadly no one sells them here. Instead of this we have Z222 for decent prices. But they are very sensitive to outside temp and performs badly on wet so i desided to buy ad08. Why do you set 2mm toe out on the front instead of 0 as suggested above?
  14. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    This is the most useful articles about this topic I've seen yet. Thanks.
  15. S15 Suspension Setup For Time Attack

    Why low suspension can't do its job? I have separate height adjustment on my coilovers and wheels dont rub arches, dont understand how lowering car can worsen handling except adjustment limits (minimum camber -1 etc).