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  1. We shall see. Getting the itch to drive again. Should be arousing. On a sidenote I just farted on the throne and I'm pretty sure it tore a hole in the space time continuum. Really odd because the lights simultaneously turned off in the process. I reckon I may have also got air time off the seat.
  2. Looking at the wiring schematic the battery light on the dash completes the circuit to excite the alternator into charging. Without it the alternator will still have voltage at the pins but won't charge the batter. Or some shit. So fingers crossed it'll work.
  3. Cima is still hibernating in the shed. Will probably sell it off if anyone wants it. Sil will get some attention when I'm acctually back in Adelaide for a few weeks in may. From my investigating it should be as easy as plugging the dash back in and sheel be sweet. Then I'll just tidy it up some more. Paint it all one colour and thrash the doors off it.
  4. and since when is dan a mod? turns out his sweet sweet man boobies did pay off? hahahaha
  5. ill cash myself in for the reward
  6. all work and no play makes truck a dull boy...
  7. Xd9's are a dime a dozen these days. Cut your losses, sell the 4stud ones and buy 5stud ones to suit. Many engineering shops will turn you away as drilling alloy wheels can put hairline cracks in it, making the wheel a ticking time bomb of when it could fail. Steel wheels, whole other ball game.
  8. Supplement Reviews

    Got talked into trying craze preworkout. That shit is f**ked. Felt hyperactive, had cotton mouth rediculously high resting heart rate and the comedown felt horrible and lasted 5 hours till I felt normal again. Will never touch the shit again.
  9. Drills - what's good?

    +1 to hitachi very reliable for the price. And if at another stage you want to add other tools to your kit their range is also pretty good. Personally I use Milwaukee but that's generally a little out of your price range, that said its in a whole other league in comparison.
  10. I was leaning that way. Regulator wiring not connected properly if at all so it just fries them.
  11. It sorted it for one session. Then it all went back to how it was. It copped it pretty hard in the 10 or so laps I got in. Even with my poor skills it felt so much better than the cima haha. Definatley needs the alignment tweaked although I didn't have good steer tyres on either.
  12. Still not on talking terms with my car.
  13. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Patrol tows well, bit sluggish on the freeway but awesome once it gets going. Although I did have to wear earplugs...lol
  14. Car runs on start ya bastard. completely fuel related.
  15. Yep. You cursed it. Car no longer starts. Has fuel to the rail (checking return now), going to check spark. Changed cas. Changed ignitor. Fires on first crank as if it's gonna go then dies and cranks as if its never gOing to start. Fuxking over it. Help please.
  16. Drove it. Feels good. Just a few things to tidy up on it and align it and she's ready to roll
  17. Pretty sure I'm in c. No way I'm confident sliding tandems. Can barley slide as is haha
  18. Car is almost in one piece. Just need one more silicone joiner and it can all get bolted down for good. Test drive tonight.
  19. The bolt was a piece of piss. Mr Milwaukee rattle gun got that off. Getting the actual pulley off the crank is like trying to f**k a wall. And I don't have access to a puller.
  20. Couldnt have said it any better...
  21. Shouted. Swore. Kicked it. Hit it with a hammer. Cried. Talked dirty to it. Caressed it. Wined and dined it. It even f**ked on the first date. But will not come off.
  22. Crank pulley stuck like all f**k. Water pump removal has slowed.