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  1. Using existing holes drilled my some mong. Took some manipulation to get it aligned.
  2. Bolt in roll cage. Easy as to out in...said no one ever.
  3. Few more things to tidy up before Friday. Only snag apart from that is finding a trailer haha
  4. S13 runs, had a rewire and general tidy up. Looks less like a heap of shit. Track day Friday so hopefully it does the do.
  5. things that annoy you

    People at tafe that know everything/have done everything/have a cousin or know someone who has done it and or owns it(mainly cars in that respect); and insist on butting into conversations to tell everyone all about it. Stop breathing you're stealing my oxygen.
  6. generic topic title

    You selling that loom? Call dibs if so
  7. 4x4 Pics and vids

    4 low should surely make for an easy escape, unless hes bogged with a snatch strap under tension hahaha
  8. 4x4 Pics and vids

  9. Standard crossmember dude. Just using rb20 mounts. Bolts right in. Can still take pics though of you want
  10. Gym wankers

    If you don't mind being a snitch, I'd mention it to the owners. They'd get their membership banned pretty fast. Winning the war. Owners don't give a f**k so I've taken matters into my own hands. Basically every time I need to fart I dust crop the spot their working out in. Seems to be pissing them off pretty good.
  11. shit apprentices say/do

    If you could read and comprehend English, you would understand what I said not 2 comments above acctually supports the basic calculation you did. There are some people out there who would record low enough hand to hand/hand to foot resistance to expeience a lethal amount of current. There's no point arguing anymore. Everyone suddenly seems to have become experts in the field by the power of google...
  12. shit apprentices say/do

    As several people have said already its extremely unlikely that the average joe would die from touching both active and neutral of a 12v car battery. You probably have better odds of winning the lottery, however the probability of the incident occurring isn't what I'm referring to, it's the fact it is possible and has happened before.
  13. 4x4 Pics and vids

  14. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    It's only a 2 inch and 33's. Capable. But not capable enough
  15. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    Got a nice shopping list for the patrol lined up -bigger lift3/4/5 inch( still researching as I need to be able tow a car trailer with it) -35" tyres + associated gearing to make the highway bearable (4.11's me thinks) -repowdercoating the tray and bar -td05, zorst, tune -guages pyro,oil temp etc -winch -fab up a rear box for camping w/canvas etc -possibly a front locker Aaaaaaand that should effectively make me a broke ass *I love my mum* for a while haha. Definatley won't happen all at once but I'll get there.
  16. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Quite possibly the hardest and cuntiest line to change. Although you might be ok with your small Asian-like hands.
  17. shit apprentices say/do

    Not nesseserily. Given the right moisture level the skin can have significantly lower resistance than when dry. Every person is different and some drop low enough to conduct through the body, which if goes across your chest can kill you. It only takes 30-50mA to spell disaster. And an open wound is just a shortcut.
  18. shit apprentices say/do

    Have you ever personally witnessed a person die from 12v electricity? What good is a tonne of amps if they don't have enough volts to travel through your body? You do realise that in order to kill you the electricity has to reach your heart or brain right? No not personally, but deaths have been documented. Skin conductivity is the key. Go try shorting it on a nice hot/humid day when youre sweating alot. Not saying its by any means common, but possible under the right circumstances, yes.
  19. shit apprentices say/do

    By cook I meant kill. Not turn you to a piece of charcoal. My bad on that one. HV is the real scary shit, jumps out to get you. Anyway back on topic..
  20. shit apprentices say/do

    Short circuit the battery with something conductive the fault current can be enough to cook you, there's a few hundred amps there. Dispite the average joe that believes you can't die from DC electricity.
  21. Gym wankers

    Two gigantic wankers at my gym are currently following what I can deduce as cross training. No biggie there. But they do various barbell excercises and literally throw them on the ground, so far theyve broken 2 20kg plates an cracked a bar. I suggested they use pads or bumper plates to stop breaking shit as the gym is small and not filled with money. Got told to f**k off. This means war f**k knuckles. I just don't get some people.
  22. Gym wankers

    I'm going to strangle the next person at my gym who I see wearing a f**king belt to do curls. My god some people are retarded. One idiot goes to the extent of wearing a belt, gloves and wrist wraps just to do curls.
  23. Cima is for sale if anyone wants it. So much money spent for so little joy. Someone buy it I'm sick of looking at it.