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  1. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Which the frittata I cook. Theres 18 eggs, spinach, capsicum, 200g bacon and a tablespoon of olive oil. Would that olive oil suffice or are you talking about drinking it straight?
  2. appreciation thread

  3. Anyone had, heard or know of anyone using a Kando on a diesel? looking to upgrade to a td05 18g on my patrol, but every fag on other 4x4 based sites runs a genuine ticket item and carry on like a pork chop if you mention Kando (much like the rota saga on here). I cannot justify spending 3500+ on a kit from a company in WA, when i can spend not even $800 for something that seems to be just as reliable. Anyway, basically what I want to know is generally how they would go longevity wise or if it would be an issue on diesel engine like mine (4.2ltr). As it would be under some form of boost from as low as 1100rpm(scabbed from dyno graphs); whereas in your regular petrol application at cruising speed the turbo would not be producing any boost. I know people on here have had their turbos for probably over a year but if you added up hours of on/off boost driving the amount of stress placed on the turbo itself would be fairly minimal. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    If you're already doing 5 days of most likley intense training you might find it a touch overboard to do weights on top. If you're more so focused on the Muay Thai then keep training Monday, Wednesday Friday. And do weights Tuesday Thursday Saturday. ( or whatever suits you). Diet wise this is my personal one, low carb low calorie designed for clean bulking while dropping bf% Breakfast Frittata ( cooked in bulk) works out to be roughly 4-5 whole eggs, 50g shortcut bacon Coffee. Smoko Handful of almonds 2 tins of tuna Lunch 2-300g of chicken breast 1/2 cup brown rice Personally I feel better training in a slightly fasted state Just before workout 1 square of frittata (1 egg 10g bacon roughly) Workout. Dinner 3-400g chicken breast 1/2 cup brown rice 1 cup+ mixed veg 1 cheat meal per week, 1 carb load per week both in reasonable portions. Also eat 1-2 serves of red meat a week so you don't get f**ked up with low iron levels. If you want to add more fruit you can add some for whatever meal if you're still feeling hungry. The above works out roughly to 1800-2000cal. 2-3ltrs of water And for my Chicken and rice combo I usually throw some sort of light stir through sauce to make it tasty.
  5. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Squat your ass off, literally. The big three squats, dead lifts and bench. All compound lifts which work all the major muscle groups. For a routine have a look through the threads by one made by Dr.cranium. Has a self pick and choose template and works great for a beginner to intermediate level. What is your height and weight? Makes working out diets a lot easier. Also how often are you doing Muay Thai training?
  6. Mechanical , equation help

    i would get the teacher to clarify exactly what maths they want to see as its a slightly ambiguous question
  7. Low Mounting for Fixed Back Seat in S13

    Made my own from 8mm flatbar. Side closest to the door you bend directly from bolt hole to bolt hole. Side closest to the tunnel do the same but for the horizontal hole into the tunnel weld a tab on so the bolt head is seen from the top. I'm 195cm and I fit like a glove. Got a decent 2-3 inch gap from the roof to my helmet in an s13. Also have a velo seat
  8. The Android thread

    Have tried all button combos to get it to change modes or do a factory reset and it doesn't respond. Just boot loops when on full battery, freezes on the Samsung screen and stays there until the battery is flat. A stupid flaw it having to be put into download manually to fix issues...
  9. Some times gets used

    sidchrome have kits to any size buuuut i do have a superduper cheat way i used when we got sent 32mm hex allens at work. to get around it get 1 bolt in 24mm hex size to say 40mm long (or cut to size if its a tight spot), put the nut on the other end of the bolt and weld the *milkshake* on. and there you have your ghetto 24mm allen driver bit. assuming you also have a 24mm socket to go with it..
  10. Mechanical , equation help

    bit odd for a pure maths subject to be researching and combining with core physics at a highschool level.
  11. Mechanical , equation help

    greatly depends on how in depth the answers have to be, keeping it relatively simple Ball down ramp -potential enegry at a standstill -force due to gravity at an angle -ball released, potential energy to kinetic -ball accelerates due to gravity at said angle -resultant velocity dependant on mass of ball, angle of ramp and length of ramp Ball into funnel -loses velocity due to impact of dropping into funnel -funnel experiences a force, ball experiences equal and opposite force (newtons 2nd law) -centripetal acceleration at an angle due to gravity -ball spins round and round getting faster -ball drops through funnel all the while there are losses from friction and air resistance (also a form of friction) out of curiosity what level of schooling is this for??
  12. The Android thread

    Hopefully someone can help me. I recently got given a Samsung GT P5110 Tablet as its f**ked, and I'm trying to get it working again. From what I've read online to be able to wipe it and start over you need to be able to put the device in "download" mode. However, here lies the issue; I cannot do this as its stuck in a bootloop, which goes over and over until it eventually freezes on the Samsung screen and goes no further. Is there some way around manually putting the device in the download mode (such as with a program or driver etc) so I can enjoy my freebie?
  13. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    should be a caption on philosiraptor
  14. What's your tow rig?

    06 Gu 4.2TD patrol ute. Wouldn't tow with anything else. Doesn't rely on trailer brakes to pull up, excellent gearing, doesn't pull the arse end out of the car when it's loaded up with trailer+car and spares,tyres etc. could do with a tiny bit more power to get up the entire Adelaide freeway at 110 but eh. Decent economy as well. Both tanks full gets me over 1200 km (170L so 160 usable). Out of curiosity what usage are you blokes with v8's getting?
  15. What's your tow rig?

    the 6 speed d40 would sit on 110 up the freeway danielsan
  16. //////BLACK BETTY\\\\\\\ Time for a rebuild

    advance the tps sensor more, dont give a f**k if my car idles at 1500rpm but atleast the f**ker wont stall Adds for interesting times when you go from having brakes to having nothing haha ?? when the car turns it self off mid corner, looses all vac meaning shit brakes. well, theres your problem. being an rb20, mid corner it should be on limiter anyway hahaha
  17. Gym wankers

    And how exactly do you think you met the proverbial eye? Please understand that from our perspective your writing makes you come across as a rude twenty-something, big ego, emulating the attitude of his favourite PT on Youtube. You talk a hard enough game, but your fluffy complaints, personal insults and long and irrelevant strings of laughter suggest you have big issues dealing with humorous or frank critique. You clearly have sufficient knowledge and the right training mentality to get results, but although the advice you posted was fine, it was hardly a revelation for anyone who has trained and researched for any length of time. You can't expect people will think the sun shines out of your arse and let everything else you write slide just from a few good words. Now if that doesn't really describe you irl, fantastic. Be yourself I'll welcome your helpful input. But as for the various insults shot my way, grow up mate. I'm 29, have been training for a very long time in a bunch of different sports, been places, done stuff and I've heard all that sh*t before. Leave the name-calling to the little children who don't know any better, be polite and we'll all get along swimmingly. To address your other misunderstandings and baseless statements: I was not bragging, but simply comparing my training to your sport to illustrate the fact that: 1. Other people here also train as hard as you, hence they can't be pussies by your standards. 2. Other people here train for significantly more dangerous sports, so for you as a body builder to call them a pussy is ridiculous. I was not suggesting that track or gymnastics count more than lifting; it was simply a poke in the ribs to help illustrate point 2. I'd be happy to agree that you would have a greater knowledge of nutrition, but it would be incorrect to say I have none. I only mentioned processed nutrients on a whim, so it's really not worth debating, and wasn't a shot at you anyway. Much respect if you exclusively eat natural food, but the majority of BB competitors rely heavily on powdered substitutes to achieve their physiques, whether it be Whey, Creatine, Glutamine, etc. All of them are processed or synthesised in a lab. For many years I maintained sub 10% body fat whilst training and competing, because more fat means slower times. That should give me at least a vague idea of the concept of you cutting to 5%. People from all different disciplines hit the gym, so I don't see the issue with me mentioning track, or commenting on why some people at the gym may be doing exercises in a different way. By your logic, powerlifting would have no place in this thread either, because they too don't cut fat to compete. f**king lol, ba-bow...
  18. //////BLACK BETTY\\\\\\\ Time for a rebuild

    advance the tps sensor more, dont give a f**k if my car idles at 1500rpm but atleast the f**ker wont stall Adds for interesting times when you go from having brakes to having nothing haha ??
  19. //////BLACK BETTY\\\\\\\ Time for a rebuild

    advance the tps sensor more, dont give a f**k if my car idles at 1500rpm but atleast the f**ker wont stall
  20. and on another note, big thanks to the tailem bend bloke (forgot his name) for helping in trying to get some tyres back on my rear wheels (trying to stretch a 205/50/16 on a 16x10), and another thanks to glynnside for lending me some wheels and deano im sure we can work something out if need be
  21. could reduce costs if i take some parts and the wheels if youre keen
  22. well, friday was my first drift day in well over 6 months, and probably the first proper full day ive ever done. started off very very sketchy barley able to slide without spinning or going off track; slowly and surely with some tips from lucas i got better, by the end i was linking the whole track in both reverse setup and regular SD setup. the car felt awesome for not having been driven in god knows how long, copped alot of board slides, running over f**k off rocks on the side of the track and whatnot. other than a fresh alignment and reducing the rear camber im more than happy with how it handles. all in all the car copped it and took it like a champ, didnt use any coolant or oil and stayed 90 degrees or below the whole time. a f**king stupid sequence of events led to my drivers door being stuck solidly shut (smacked the f**k out of a tyre stack with it) and i thought id done the same with the passenger side. car was full of exhaust fumes and i lost my shit when i couldnt get out, started kicking the doors to get out which resulted in a smashed window and a new way to get into my car painfully straight after it was discovered the passenger door had merley locked itself lucky i need a new door anyway..
  23. //////BLACK BETTY\\\\\\\ Time for a rebuild

    don't forget the gt wing
  24. track day done, car performed flawlessly dispite all odds. learnt a shitload with some tips from lucas. was linking the whole track by the end. write up and pics later today