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  1. RIP Eminem

    +1 on the hoax
  2. i been followed pretty much from henley beach road to the bottom of the freeway by a cop with nothing better to do than wait for a p plater to fk up lol. as ya can see im a newbie thort id give a heya to ya gents
  3. How do you pay for your car?

    as a uni student i got a loooong summer break so ill be working in the mines (hopefully) pays well hard work but worth it in the end
  4. GDAY!

    howdy all, names michael live in adelaide currently going uni doin engieerin dont have a skid car yeet but as soon as i sell my ute u can guess wat im buyin until then im just gonna have to deal with watchin at mallala cannot wait to get out to the track !! cheers