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  1. gday fellow ns'ers, i recently made the purchase of a 1988 y31 cima with intentions of turning it into a track only drifter. this was going to be a task as it came out from factory with some funky air ride suspension which as you would suspect is useless for drift. i went to look at the car thinking it was a rolling shell, but luckly the previous owner was yet to remove the previous running gear so i managed to score it with a rb20+box that actually drove and was lucky enough to have a professionally built weld in cage already in it and jic coils in the rear. .
  2. All sweet. Dude just changed the engine number over and signed off on it even though it lumps its head off haha. Was stressing hard for no reason really.
  3. Yep. Both cars are with new owners. Haven't ripped a skid yet. Needs a few things first. But will be the capable having 4-500hp once the motor is run in properly and tuned.
  4. Both sold and moved on. No imports in sight. Bought this instead.
  5. Any electricians here?

    It's abit shitty.
  6. Any electricians here?

    Word going around is that the whole profiling system is changing due to this very reason. Allegedly it will become based on what your company does so there will be specific quotas for the different areas of electrical work. I've had abit of trouble with mine due to working mainly on high voltage switchgear. And for wages as an apprentice, as above, being an adult apprentice you'd be on 3rd year wages from the start. So anywhere from 15-25 bucks an hour, once again dependant on how Jewish the company is.
  7. Any electricians here?

    you should always test for dead (no voltage) before playing with things, my biggest rule is trust no-one even if its someone you would trust because mistakes are made while isolating circuits and its your life on the line on the off chance, there are some situations where i work where you have to play with live wires but it is an absolute last resort. I would be extremely surprised if you would have to in that job. Most of the horror stories you hear about are freak accidents or someone doing something dodgey. You just need to be constantly concentrating on what your doing and know what you're messing with, it's a hell of a lot easier to simply ring/ask someone than run the risk. and probably best to ask your mate about hours, it ranges quite broadly from company to company.
  8. Any electricians here?

    sparky here currently working in the high voltage industry, ill dot point for ease -biggest things I think would be that you have common sense, willing to listen/pay attention and aren't a mong with basic handtools -tradeschool is a piece of piss if you are competent with basic math formula manipulation. The rest is just remembering facts, practical skills and reffering to standards for clauses and figures. -3year minimum apprenticeship IF your employer agrees to sign you off as competent early -as an adult apprentice you should start 3rd year wages (not 100% sure on NSW but in SA that is the industry standard) -once qualified you'll earn an absolute minimum of 60k -If you decided to start doing FIFO work you would be on no less than 120k a year upwards to the 200k+ in gas and oil fields -installing air cons you will be in roof spaces a lot, so be prepared for it to be stinking fuggin hot, I cant comment too much on the rest of the work as I'm not from that specific area of the industry, but generally speaking its pretty good. -your options are quite literally limitless there are so many additional courses and tickets you can do its insane (can list or you can google) -only drawback is it's a dangerous trade, you cant see electricity, smell it, taste it or hear it (for low voltage anyway) but one mistake can easily be your last
  9. Some times gets used

    reshell into a cima might even know of one for sale
  10. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Rays Anceltion Glassenheit 18x9 +15 w/90% 595's 18x10 +18 w/60% skidders and another 2 pairs to go with it note: wheels are not rashed, that is just paint flaking off from tyre machine) 1500ono Y31 VIP Cima Rolling shell -Walker Chassis CAMS 6 point cage -genuine junction produce kit and boot wing (font bar is cable tied together) -34 GTT front brakes, calipers w/endless pads -converted from airbags to coils all round -1 piece tailshaft to suit rb driveline -welded diff 2000 ono OR both for 3000ono PM if interested
  11. Some times gets used

    looks like he was granny shifting, when he soulda been double clutchin
  12. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    put a loop in the drain tube from the rollover valve, prevents moisture ingress, last thing you want is that cunty to rust inside out (not that it should being aluminum with stainless ballbearing) but better not to chance it
  13. Can anyone help

    wont work with a 52mm rad so keep it 44mm or whatever the next thickness down is
  14. Regularly partakes in munting(refer to urban dictionary) whilst shelving small furry animals.
  15. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    As long as you don't go overboard with them I can't see it being an issue
  16. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    My Cima is up for sale. Grab yourself something unique. http://m.gumtree.com.au/vip-y31-cima/v?adId=1022864527#Cima Negotiable, willing to work something out if I can.
  17. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    You entering the mardi gras in this or something?
  18. Wanting a small tool bag! (for work)

    If you want quality stuff have a look at beehive bags. They do cost a touch more but they last for years and years. So many different combinations of pockets for smaller hand tools.
  19. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Just because there's a video saying something doesn't mean it is a credible source of information. Show some documented third party (research done by people not employed by supplement companies) scientific research about the anabolic and catabolic nature of whey. Half the time what people say about their own products is tainted research or skewed to make the product sound sound incredible, it's not like they're going going to say its shit, tastes like ass and is going to strain your kidneys. I don't use whey or any other protein supplement and never will, I enjoy eating proper foods.
  20. One thing you might want to add to the multimeter one is where to plug the leads into if the meter has a fused amp section and where to plug into for volts. It can be difficult to differentiate if you're unfamiliar.
  21. If you're getting one go a billet wheel(bugger all extra) and don't bother with anti surge. Have heard its laggier.
  22. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    My diet is as above day in day out. It was only while I was trying a intermittent fasting diet i felt like crap. Right now I feel energetic all day. Also I noticed a while back you offered coaching ( I think it was you anyway). If it was do you still do that?
  23. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    I tried a version of it for a while. Was terrible. Felt like absolute shit during the day, had no energy just generally felt flat. During training I'd get super tired quickly, muscle soreness lingered for days, and didn't feel proper until the nights feast. Although I did lose weight quite quickly I went backwards performance wise. Personally I'd use it as a last resort. Proper training and nutrition should leave you feeling better not worse, although that its a common misconception that you aren't going hard enough if you're sore the next day.