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  1. Whoa Harris! come on mate nobody wants to see live pics of your church group! "think of the children..." wait.... if your christians mabie its best you dont think about the children this whole gay marriage debate still perplexes me i really dont get how it actually negatively impacts the weirdos that are against it? or why for that matter any body would seriously judge someone negatively for being gay? each to there own i suppose whatever floats your boat its all good
  2. Selling a car Obligations

    i thought that was the case poor op has really left himself open for a reaming probably best thing he could do now is rush down to vicroads, cancel the rego collect the refund and then call the buyer to wish him best of luck with his now unrego'ed car and hope he doesnt get any fines in the mail from the couple of days the byer had it regoed in op's name
  3. Selling a car Obligations

    in vic im pretty sure its all wrapped into the roady from memory its illigal to sell a regod car without a roady car stays in the sellers name untill you either hand in the plates or get a roady, unless its changed in the last few years
  4. Selling a car Obligations

    it def is his problem not yours but be careful how you treat him becouse if you sold it with rego and no roady you wanna hope he doesnt realise just how much money and hassle he can cause you with speed and redlight cameras
  5. Police shoot at hoon driver

    lol thats gold
  6. Police shoot at hoon driver

    someone just needs to change the uphold the right to judge jury and executioner! lol
  7. if there knocking when your breaking theres a fair chance either the caster arm bearing is shagged or the nuts and bolts that secure the caster mounting point to the chassie are loose, broken or missing, might pay to check the latter if you havent already and you think the arms are ok
  8. id be inclined to agree with feind, if your lower control arm bushes are soft enough ie the old factory rubber bushes then they can cause this type of problem and worn or badly adjusted caster arms can amplafie the vibration, and as youv described only at certin speeds which tricks most people into thinking its wheel balance, so id probably replace the caster arms straight up then check out the lower control arms inner bush and ball joint whilst your there
  9. Rota wheels a problem?

    OkSeems now like your trying to draw a line in the sand on just how much copying is exceptable, although a lot of rotas are a very close design copy to some race wheels they are manafactured with a totaly diffrent proses specificly to target a different and somewhat larger market most people would call that innovation , also id think youd struggle to find any mainstream manafacturer that wouldnt call cost cutting to appeal to a larger market or simply make more money inovation. as for identity personaly I think that the rota brand has a very strong identity around the world as a reputable cheep wheel manafacturer for road cars despite it not being recognised by car enthusiast s who like to look for any excuses to help them feel as there back yard build is better than others and the huge retarded google image smear campaign
  10. Rota wheels a problem?

    ok justOne small example of many to help you understand what I was hinting at , Do you really think everything on your 180 was an original inovation by nissan? aswell as it escaped the usual manafacturer cost shaving pre production to help sell more of them whilst making more money
  11. Rota wheels a problem?

    almost as funny as the dribble that "real wheel" lovers makeup to justafy spending extra to put exspensive race wheels or brand name show wheels on road cars/cheap track hacks. dont get me wrong if i was compeating at a top level of motorsport i would defanitly be running rays wheels or equivelent, although i have owned both "real" wheels and "fakes" and tried to source as much creadable info as i could about the topic, i still havent found any reason other than look at me and how much i spent on wheels or the "bragging" rights of look at me i own "real wheels" of to justafy spending four times as much on a set of race or top end show wheels for road cars and cheap track hacks, although thats probably also got just as much to do with the way i prioratise my money and toys lol
  12. Rota wheels a problem?

    oh my god kens going to kill the "scene" with those shitty wheels! for the love of god please somebody stop him dosent he know the cool kids on the interwebs do not approve this maddeness!
  13. Rota wheels a problem?

    quoted cus its the halerious truth got any proof that rota use impure poor quialty second hand metal or is that just hearsay? i just couldnt see them passing all the stringent testing they go through if that were true and i would think that the car manafacturers that they supply some of their wheels to would accept that risk either
  14. sweet job so far on the build mate im really diggin it cant wait to see it with the wheels fitted