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  1. The time has come for me to move on from playing with cars as I am saving to buy a house. I have owned it for about 18 months and was pretty much stock when I got it other than the paint, wheels and cat back exhaust. I had plans to build up a onevia so I am throwing in the SR20DE s13 I bought just to get all my 180/s13 stuff out of the house. I have semi stripped the interior of the s13 and removed the front bar, headlights and front quarter panels since the photos were taken.


    Currently registered but will be selling unregistered (can’t be bothered stuffing around getting a mod plate for the FMIC to get the roadworthy hence the low price)





    Sunroof (non electric)

    CA front bar (comes with SR front bar plus extensions)


    17 inch Racing Hart Evolution C5000 wheels




    CA front seats


    GKtech deep dish steering wheel


    HDi boost gauge


    HKS turbo timer


    Nismo gear knob





    Panasonic head unit (mp3 etc)


    JBL (I think) front splits





    SR20DET redtop


    Stock for the most part apart from-


    Turbo back stainless exhaust with high flow cat


    ISC front mount intercooler


    Turbotech mbc


    Odyssey battery







    GAB damper adjustable shocks


    Lowered springs


    5 speed manual box- shifts smoothly, no crunching


    Locked diff of some description (was on the car when I bought it)






    Just serviced it (all filters, plugs, all oils)


    Comes with all the spares I have which includes-


    Apexi turbo timer (brand new)


    HDi ebc (brand new)


    HICAS lock bar (brand new)


    SR front bar & extensions


    An entire 91 SR20DE auto s13 silvia (runs & registerable)



    PRICE: $6000 slightly neg NO SWAPS. Low ballers will be ignored.




    Located in Townsville. Contact me on 0407 453753 or drop me a PM.


    IMG_2414 edited.jpg

    IMG_2418 edited.jpg

    IMG_2436 edited.jpg

    IMG_2461 edited.jpg

    Silvia front left_large.jpg

    Silvia rear left_large.jpg

    Silvia Rear right_large.jpg

    Silvia Engine_large.jpg

  2. I'm an ex Electronic Warfare tech in the Navy (Cryptologic Systems now) we are also know as Spooks. I was 21 when I went in with year 12 behind me, It's a very very hard cat to get into as the background checks are full on and requires ASIO to go into EVERYTHING about your life, they will ask you EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, It took me 3 months of interviews and tests to even be considered for the position.


    I have a top secret clearance with the Australian government and can walk into any security area ADF Bases, ASIO, ATO office etc, I can't say what I did behind closed doors but it was a great job, and because of my security clearance pretty much I took orders from Sydney not the CO/XO on the ship. We got moved around every 3-4 months so we didn't get into any friendships with the other sailors an leak any information, so your only mates were other spooks.


    But I can say if a missile was fired at my ship, I can play with electromagnetic spectrum and make it fall out of the air, and render it useless.

    would seriously consider deleting that section of your post if I were you. not appropriate at all mate




    If you really had TS you would know that you can't just walk in to any government department and demand to know anything you want. You should know full well that you can access TS information on a need to know basis and I can't see any information that ASIO, the ATO or the ADF (seeing as you say you are ex EW) has as being anything that you need to know.

  3. ^^^ hahaah no way. Speed camera's INSIDE BASE!! HOLY F**KING GAYNESS. Wow they really must be loved by the rest of the force! Guess they gotta look busy doing something right....


    Chappers how often you fly away man? You post on here a bit, but being an AEA you would assume you would constantly be away on rotation with 10 or 11 Sqdn whichever you are in up north for OP Astute? BTW you guys are good for doing that work! Would love to be an AEA but unsure if I have the right brain for it! Bit rusty on the old maths and physics. Only did Physics in yr11 not 12. And yr12 maths was Maths Applications (the simplest one). But hey maybe once I've been in the RAAF in a similar role maybe (ASOP) it would be easier to transfer into AEA? What do you reckon?


    AEA's have an awesome job man! I flew on a P3 sortie in the middle east and it was the highlight of my deployment. Gotta have a stomach of solid iron though-11 hours of flying around in circles had me spewing my guts up a few times. Definately worth persuing once you are in the RAAF though.

  4. my house is haven't had power since wednesday arvo.

    lost all my back fence.


    sr20na- you boys are doing good work out there. we got let off with it due to other commitments

    gurgler- my mate who you bought the vert off is crying now.


    also i have my car back so i just have to put the dash in and wire up the fan. i will organise a cruise in a few weeks when the streets are cleaned up.


    Don't forget to apply for the disaster relief fund then! If you have had power off for 48 hours then you qualify!

  5. I bailed on Townsville the morning before the cyclone hit to stay with friend in Mackay! Checked my house in Annandale (that I haven't moved into yet because all my flood soaked belongings are still stuck in Brisbane) this arvo, man that whole suburb has been trashed! Actually the whole town had been!


    How'd everyone else's houses etc. fare?

  6. Relax mate.....relax!! Yes that is a completely normal feeling. When you first get through the gates for recruit training it is an incredibly intimidating feeling and recruit training itself is tough but once that is all done and dusted you will find that the military is not what you thought it was when you were a civilian.


    You have made a really good decision- the military has so many perks and benefits and I promise that if you stick with it you will really enjoy it!