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  1. Has anyone seen this before? http://www.evalbum.com/2951 http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=330429530174&Category=35227 Craziest conversion I've ever seen, sort of makes me wonder what the point is but sort of cool at the same time.
  2. 92 Electric Suzuki Swift Gti

    It's really impressive, not exactly my cup of tea, but quite the engineering feat! It'd be interesting having peak engine power and torque available from a stationary start and also not needing to use the clutch to change gears. Imagine having a 500hp electric engine with all that power and torque available as soon as you put the right foot down!

    Where do you work? We had those big yellow waste oil wine glass things where I did my apprenticeship at Springwood.
  4. Australian Defence Force info

    Are you already a qualified mechanic? If so, that significantly cuts down the amount of time that you will spend at trade school (f**king shithole of a place!) after recruit training, plus you go on to almost full pay ($55k) as soon as you finish recruit training. nah im not qualified, thats why i'm picking a trade in the defence force. if i already had a trade under my belt i would go for something like rifleman. was talking to someone who did it a while back in the army and was fully qualified in 3 years. sounds neato to me. It's entirely up to the individual as to how long it takes to become qualified, the initial trade course at Wodonga is self paced, so if you can knock it over in 8-12 months then do 12 months on the job training then its possible to become qualified in as little as 2 years just depends how hard you work (or how badly you want to get out of Albury Wodonga!) Keep in mind though that military trained mechanics in my experience are nowhere near as skilled or well trained as civi trained mechanics and the training provided at Wodonga is nowhere even close to being as good as the training provided by a civi TAFE. I say this because I have experienced both because I was a qualified light vehicle mechanic before I joined. BUT, civi mechanic= around $20 an hour after 4 years hard slog getting paid f**k all and no benefits (cheap accomodation, food, free medical, allowances etc etc) RAAF or Army mechanic= almost $30 an hour when the equivalent of a 2nd year apprentice plus all the benefits (and there's lots of them!).
  5. Australian Defence Force info

    when did you go through latchford? Graduated first week back from end of year break in 08.
  6. Australian Defence Force info

    Are you already a qualified mechanic? If so, that significantly cuts down the amount of time that you will spend at trade school (f**king shithole of a place!) after recruit training, plus you go on to almost full pay ($55k) as soon as you finish recruit training.
  7. Australian Defence Force info

    Just on the mechanic thing, there are vehicle mechanics in the RAAF but they are called GSE Fitters. Same qualifications as the army guys (cert 3 mechanical-heavy road transport) only GSEFITT's work on way cooler equipment and don't get treated like shit like army VM's. I am pretty sure that they are recruiting GSE fitters at the moment, as the job is quite undermanned at the moment.
  8. Is the bearing that allows the strut to rotate in the strut top installed? The spring and strut need to rotate together, you need to pull the front coilovers out and see if you can rotate the strut tops by hand.
  9. As the title would suggest, I am desperately trying to find a stock steering wheel for a 180sx that has hicas! can find plenty of wheels for non-hicas 180's but for some reason nobody has hicas wheels. If you have one laying around then please pm me. Cheers.
  10. Does your old wheel have a 'super hicas' logo in the middle of it?
  11. Can anyone tell me if all types of sr20dets share the same water pump? Even better, if someone has a part number for a red top water pump (genuine or otherwise) i'd be grateful if you would share it! Thanks, Sam.
  12. Would you be able to PM me a photo of the front and back of the wheel please? Cheers.
  13. I'm very aware of the procedure for removing hicas, and I'd prefer to make a lockbar for free rather than pay 100 odd dollars for one! It's gonna be quicker & easier just to get a new steering wheel to get a roadworthy than to stuff around removing most of the hicas system and risk getting knocked back for not having a mod plate for modifying the steering system.
  14. I'm with u 100%! losing hicas is high on my list of priorities, but I've just bought the car unregistered and am in the process of fixing things up to get it to a roadworthy condition! As soon as I have rego, then I plan on losing the hicas! BTW if anyone is motivated enough, I wouldn't mind getting some dimensions of a hicas lock bar, I work in a machine shop so I wouldn't mind having a crack at spinning one up.
  15. Apparently there was 2 versions of hicas in the 180 (according to wikipedia anyway) the earliest had hydraulically controlled hicas and the later models had an electronically controlled hydraulic system. So on my 180 I have the later hicas system which uses a steering angle sensor that slots in behind the steering wheel, the earlier models dont have a steering angle sensor hence the steering wheel cant fit onto a vehicle with later model hicas as it doesn't fit over the sensor.
  16. Hi, as the title would suggest, I cant get access to the wanted to buy forum. Is this because I'm new to HT.com or is it an error? Thanks, Sam.
  17. really? If I donate money to the forum can I post in there? I really need a few parts and I'd rather give my money to the genuine enthusiasts on this forum than to an import wrecker that is just after your money!
  18. Hi there!

    Hi, I'm a mechanic from Brisbane and just about to buy my first 180sx after wanting one for about 10 years! Its a bit of a fixer upper so I'm very interested in any advice you lot can impart on me whilst I'm fixing it up and getting it to a standard I'm happy with! I'm not all that much into making it a massive horsepower drift pig, just after a nice neat daily driver that handles nicely and looks pretty hot! So, having said that, if you are in Brissy and have some stocko s13 interior parts (front seats and steering wheel firstly) sitting in your garage or shed, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for having me in your forum, Sam.