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  1. Found possibly the ugliest 180sx ever- http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NISSAN-180sx-Type-X-harlequin-paint-fully-modified-/200478185100?cmd=ViewItem&pt=AU_Cars&hash=item2ead6e568c Why do people do this? How could anyone possibly think this looks good? Just makes me sad
  2. Nissan FAST Software...

    It's on cd and I have no idea how to make torrents and the like. If you can point me in the right direction with making and uploading torrents I'll upload it for you.
  3. Nissan FAST Software...

    I know I'm a little late with this one, but I have an ADM version of FAST (it's pretty old now-got it in about 05) so in case no-one else has it, I'd be more than happy to look up part numbers for your aussie delivered s14's & 15's.
  4. Australian Defence Force info

    Good choice of trade man, hold out to become a CETECH and don't let recruiting talk you into joining the Army or Navy if that's not what you want. My bro is a CETECH and it's taken him everywhere! there is even postings to places like Hawaii as a CPL. Promotions are very fast in that mustering and heaps of opportunity for deployment too, so once again, good choice and stick with it!
  5. Australian Defence Force info

    What position were you going for? As of yesterday an email came out looking for people to become GSEFITT's as the mustering is undermanned. Yes, things do change very quickly, I would suggest going back to recruiting ASAP and asking about it.
  6. Australian Defence Force info

    EOI's have been released by DP. There is a shortage.
  7. 370z Its here

    Very jealous! I was an apprentice at a Nissan dealership when the 350 first came out and they were just awesome to drive back then! With all the reviews of the 370 saying that its such a big step up from the 350, I'd love to take a 370 for a drive to compare! Enjoy your new Z! lucky bastard :-)
  8. Australian Defence Force info

    If anyone is interested in becoming a heavy vehicle mechanic in the RAAF, I'd suggest getting to recruiting ASAP as they have just started recruiting!
  9. Australian Defence Force info

    Hey dude, Been in the Air Force based in Adelaide for the last 5 years, PM if you want any information. The only regret i have is that i didn't join earlier in my life! U know that was posted almost 2 years ago right?
  10. Australian Defence Force info

    being a CIS works in your favour, because you can swap straight over to become a RAAF CISCON. I'll also try and get you the name of the CISCON trade sponsor- you should be able to email them directly as they look after trade specific service transfers.
  11. How can i get a 180 >.<

    Lol at find one for sale and buy it! But seriously, I wanted a 180 since I was 17 and it wasn't till I was 27 until I was able to afford one so my advice is wait another 10 years then buy an s15 champ! its not worth getting into a s**t load of debt to afford one and all the maintenance it will need!
  12. Australian Defence Force info

    yeah, there is an assessment unfortunately. actually this wasn't my first choice, originally I wanted to do Airfield Defence Guard. Case manager told the position was very competive and chances of selection were slim and basically go with my 2nd choice. really wanted to join the airforce, maybe there is a slim chances of changing later down the track f**king recruiting are a bunch of wankers, ring them & cancel immediately. Tell them you feel they herded you into a position you don't want. Go back in a few weeks later to reapply for what YOU want, not what they want you to apply for. Then be prepared to wait until you get the position you want. They asked me to list a second choice when I sat through the BS nearly 8 years ago, I refused and told them I would land my first choice or not join. It took f**king ages to get the call up, but I got my first and only choice. Stick to your guns mate, don't let some civi twat push you into a position you don't want just because they'll get a christmas bonus for filling a quota. yeh mate , cancel that session for sure sure....thats what they did to me also , and i had a raaf WO do my interview for and he asked why im not going RAAF , i told him they told me id be waiting years... im still filthy to this day that he didnt tell me the REAL truth that i wouldnt be waiting long at all. He was pobly thinking in his mind ... wow this poor kid ! coz i knw i think that for alot of the ppl that get lied to from recruiters and i know if given the chase i would steer everyone in the right direction , whether im a defence member recruiting or civy .. now i plan to finish my time in navy ( done 2.5yrs , 3.5 to go ) and get out then simply rejoin via dfr and hope they take me... ill be calling them every wk reminding them about me! eventually they will taka me in lol on another note to the raafies out there , do you guys know what the mimimum hearing to join in. i did my anual medical the other day and apparently hearing gone down heaps now i need too see GP , but i do have a cold so im guessing that would be affecting it alot. Also i had a an operation on my left ankle ( did ligaments) do u think that will affect me rejoining again in few yrs ? if you guys dnt know who am i best to talk to ? obviosuly navy wont give me too much information about it coz theyll be wanting me to stay in, as they are loosing enough ppl as it is ! fools got rid of our retention bonous also ! If you PM me your defence email address I can organize to get you in contact with a bloke that is in the know. There is currently a pusser working in our workshop who is in the process of transferring to the RAAF so he should be able to point you in the right direction.
  13. Australian Defence Force info

    Yeah, like chappers said, don't utter ADG and special forces in the same sentence. Our SF is far and away the best in the world, particularly the SASR, so there is no comparison between SF and ADG. If you are keen on commandos why not join as a commando? I'm 99% sure you can enlist as commando.
  14. Australian Defence Force info

    I couldn't make comment on what they do or don't do over there, all I'm saying is that they don't deserve the shit they cop from everyone (not just Army) as they are very good at what they do. And I'm sure that the people on here that wish to join as ADGs would be very happy in that role if that is what they really want to do. It would be a shame if someone got talked out of it after taking advice from someone that really has no clue what they are talking about.
  15. Australian Defence Force info

    I wonder how many ajs have actually seen and experienced what an ADG does before talking shit about them? And to answer your question, probably quite a few seeing as they are attached to SECDET in Iraq.
  16. Australian Defence Force info

    Ignore comment no. 1 this is a typical Army thing to say, ADG's are highly trained, skilled airmen who are the very best at what they do, infact their main squadron received a meritorious unit citation for their involvement in East Timor. Air port security? if air port security get to use 50 cal sniper rifles, 84's, 66's, claymores and ride dirt bikes and quads around then sign me up. I would suggest a bit more subject knowledge would be necessary before passing judgement on something like this instead of relying on what someone has told you. As for the rest of the Air Force, there are plenty of fat lazy wankers that give us a bad name, but during my time with the Army I found that they had their fair share too. The main difference I noticed was that the majority of the Air Force are capable of independant thought and sound judgement, even the most junior ranks, whereas quite a lot of Army soldiers need constant supervision to prevent them from doing something dumb.
  17. Australian Defence Force info

    Why's that? Education requirement= passes in year 9 maths and english Fitness requirement= 45 sit ups, 15 push ups, 7.5 on the beep test. But obviously a smart person entering as infantry would want to be very very fit before they join.
  18. Australian Defence Force info

    Was the recruiter that told you that ADG is hard to get into an Army member? If so then you will probably find they are biased towards the Army (obviously!) If you really want to be an ADG, then ask to speak to a uniformed RAAF recruiter. Also, and don't quote me on this, you shouldn't really have that much trouble getting in as an ADG as they are trying to grow that particular mustering, they trained a record number of ADG courses last year and it hasn't slowed down this year from what I've seen (I'm posted to the base that hosts the ADG basic course)
  19. Hi all, I am after the opinion of someone with some experience with fitting poly bushes to castor rods. Specifically what I'd like to know is- recommendations on grease to use with them, did you grease the crush tubes? would you recommend fitting grease nipples to the arms i.e. do poly bushes in castor rods have much problem with binding? Thanks, Sam.
  20. Australian Defence Force info

    Are you serious? You have an assessment to become a grunt? Don't get me wrong, I have a world of respect for grunts, but I don't reckon the assessment will be too hard!
  21. Australian Defence Force info

    Air dispatcher? Is that another name for Air Traffic Controller?
  22. Australian Defence Force info

    If they tell you anything suss, or you think they r jerking you around, let me know because recruiting r notorious for giving people incorrect information. For example I was being underpaid by 20k a year for about 8 months because of an error made by recruiting and it was a huge f**k around to get back paid!
  23. Australian Defence Force info

    http://www.defence.gov.au/dpe/pac/ That is PACMAN- the ADF Pay & Conditions Manual. It is the bible concerning everything to do with entitlements for ADF members. If you join, it's in your best interest to know it inside and out.
  24. Australian Defence Force info

    Like mitch32 said, if you have a wife or are a recognized member with dependant(s) you are entitled to a married quarter. When I was there I lived off base because I had a wife and child. I remember when I first arrived there though and the single guys got told that if they wanted to live off base they could apply to the Commanding Officer after 12 months on course to live off base, but you basically had a snow flakes chance in hell of it being approved. Not too sure what it's like for the army guys after you are qualified but I can tell you that in the RAAF nearly everyone is encouraged to live off base (with full rent assistance) and it basically becomes a 9-5 job and what you do in your own time is your own business (within reason and inside the law of course).
  25. I can totally empathize with both sides of this as I have been through the exact same thing. I owned a car that I was utterly obsessed with, spent most of my time working on it and spent most of my money on it until my wife fell pregnant. For me it was a very simple decision- get rid of the car and remove the temptation, the way I rationalized it was that my wife and daughter were far more important to me than a big piece of metal and nuts and bolts. I can understand where you are coming from and where your boyfriend is coming from- its like an addiction but I reckon if he sold the car (it'll cause him alot of pain to do it!) he'll find he won't miss it as much as he thinks he will after spending quality time with his child. Ultimately you have to tell him its us or the car, you have to do what is best for your child! With my situation, years after selling my car I have found a happy medium, I found a job that lets me afford to provide for my wife and children as best I can and recently was able to buy and modify a car that I have wanted for a loooong time and by using alot of self control, I only work on it at night after the kids are in bed and when my wife is busy studying, and if I ever felt I was putting the car first again I would sell it and just remove that temptation. Good luck with it though, I'm sure there will be plenty of arguing over it, but if he's any sort of bloke he'll put you and your child first.