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  1. moving to townsville

    Hmmm...well, when you are ready to sell your spare 180 just let me know! Well there will be 2 of us with 180 daily drivers next year, give me a wave if you see me I should be easy to spot in a bright blue 180 if no one else gets around in them up there.
  2. moving to townsville

    Hey all, just to drag up an old topic I'm moving up to Townsville at the start of next year and was wondering if there are many 180/s13s kicking around up there? How is Townsville for getting parts for imports ie is there any import wreckers or the like nearby? Also does anyone up there have a 180 or s13 shell rolling or otherwise that they are looking to sell?

    Bought an intercooler kit from Ryan, answered all questions I had and I received the kit very quickly. Will buy from him again- thanks Ryan.
  4. Australian Defence Force info

    dont even bother trying for that job. havent met u yet but in all honesty uve made it abundantly clear already u do not possess the required IQ or general interlect for this job Might want to consult a dictionary before judging someone else's level of intelligence.
  5. Australian Defence Force info

    Yeah close, we do have nets at 2 or 3 bases-they are only for hawks and never get used because they damage the aircraft. They are about 10 feet high.
  6. Australian Defence Force info

    Yeah, that's probably the coolest part of the job- standing at the edge of the airfield watching the jets take the cable! It's pretty satisfying having the pilots thank you afterwards and knowing that if you didn't do your job right the jet may have crashed.
  7. Australian Defence Force info

    You go straight from recruits to ALTC, so as soon as you are out the front gate of Wagga you'll be expected at Albury/Wodonga probably that afternoon or the next day. As for the equipment you will be using, sounds like they are asking what you will be working on, in that case it is small engines like whipper snippers, lawn mowers, domestic generators etc., cars, trucks, fire trucks, fuel tankers, aircraft ground support equipment, plant/earth moving equipment, aircraft arrestor systems, fuel sampling, large ground power units to name a few. You are right about the tooling you will be using though, it is all just basic mechanics tools spanners etc, hoists, tyre changers, wheel balancers, brake rotor lathes etc. you cant really be any more specific than that. Maybe just mention diagnostic equipment such as electronic scan tools and don't forget to mention computers as computers are a massive part of the job.
  8. Australian Defence Force info

    On the Job Training ie when you get to your unit in the real air force.
  9. Australian Defence Force info

    I'll be honest, the place sucked very hard. Out of a 40 something hour week you will spend less than half that actually doing the vehicle mechanic course. The rest is taken up doing PT, soldier type stuff, drill and other warrie stuff like that. Plus throw in exercises, sports days, military skills days, combat fitness assessments (15km pack march) and other stuff of that nature. That is why the course takes up to 18 months when it could be punched out in about 6. That is the Army for you though- soldier first tradesman second so if you are a RAAFie you just have to suck it up because that is how the Army do business, after all it is character building and you will be a better Airman for having been through it as opposed to some of the other deadshit musterings that do their trade training at glorified childcare centres. Oh, after recruits, if you arrive at ALTC before your course starts you may spend a considerable amount of time in a holding platoon that does stuff like fold tents, count tent pegs, fold blankets and other fun jobs until your course starts.
  10. Australian Defence Force info

    What do you want to know about ALTC?
  11. Australian Defence Force info

    Yeah, theres always negatives! Probably the most frustrating thing about the job is the amount of red tape that prevents you from being able to perform your basic role and that is being a mechanic! You can't do any real in depth work ie engine and gearbox over hauling because that type of work is contracted out to civillians. There is a crazy amount paperwork involved in every vehicle you work on and that is tied in with a very confusing computer program that rarely works correctly. Even the most basic job can become very complicated eg an intercooler hose blew out on the massive towmotor used to tow the c-17s around, instead of being able to just replace it, emails have to be sent to Canberra and Melbourne to inform engineers who then have to come up with a 'solution'. So a 5 minute job ended up taking 4 weeks. But overall, the positives by far out weigh the negatives. Civillian mechanics are far more skilled, but when I was a civvie mechanic I was on $18 an hour as opposed to about $30 an hour in the RAAF with about a quarter of the workload!
  12. Australian Defence Force info

    What my day consists of as a GSEFITT- Start at 7:15, monday morning there is a parade/dress inspection (all very relaxed though), on tools by about 8-8:30. Smoko at 9:30, back on tools 10ish, lunch at 11:30. Back on tools at 12:15 and work through till 4:30. Work hours monday to thursday are 7:15 till 4:30 and friday is 7:15 till 12 usually depending on which base you are posted to, some bases finish at 2 on friday. Outside of those work hours your time is your own, I live away from base because I have a family and it's basically just like a civvy job except we wear a uniform. At most bases singlies are encouraged to live off base and get rent assistance, but some bases like Townsville singlies live on base because the accomodation is excellent and very cheap. That is an average week, sometimes you might go on exercise but basically you can choose if you want to go or not. You will go away at various times for courses-but that is a good thing because you end up with alot of very valuable qualifications. For example I have a civillian HC drivers liscense that cost me nothing and I am also a qualified workplace assessor which also cost me nothing and allows me to now teach my trade and anything else I am qualified at. As far a discipline goes, as long as you are respectful to higher ranks there is no problem and because you are in the RAAF and capable of independant thought you are trusted to manage your own time for the most part. If you abuse that trust then you will get a reputation and will go nowhere in the trade. I actually had more discipline as a civillian apprentice to be honest! If you get very very lucky you may get deployed in which case you will work 10 hour shifts 7 days a week for 4-6 months with 2 days off per month. But where we get deployed to is basically a holiday camp anyway the money is awesome and the amenities at the base are excellent.
  13. Honda Mechanics

    CES racing in Meadowbrook for exhaust systems. Best in Australia and are great people to deal with.
  14. I'm light & heavy vehicle qualified. Lol at the 1000 other qualified mechanics that said they hate it! couldn't agree more. Shit job, don't do it if you are considering getting an apprenticeship in automotive. Wish I did some useful apprenticeship like carpentry or electrician!!
  15. Australian Defence Force info

    Yeah, thats killer man! I remember counting down the days at my old job before my enlistment date! Seemed like forever at the time!
  16. Australian Defence Force info

    I couldn't speculate which one would get you into the RAAF quicker, that'd be a question I'd ask a recruiter (a uniformed recruiter). If you just want to get in as quick as possible just ask them which trades are critical at the moment.
  17. Australian Defence Force info

    Boring boring boring job. Sit in front of a computer all day. Good chances for deployment and promotion but like I said- boring. Plus you will have no qualifications to show for it when you leave. Do a trade or if you like sitting in front of a computer all day then at least become an officer. ADF sponsored undergraduate scheme is a sweet deal- ADF pays for your uni degree plus you get paid like 36k a year to study and you don't even have to pull on a uniform for 3 to 4 years depending on what you are studying. Wish I had done that!!
  18. Heater wont work

    Fan speed resistor won't cause that fault, if the fan speed resistor is stuffed then the fan will only work on its highest setting. And the name of the part you are referring to is the heater box flap actuator.
  19. Australian Defence Force info

    best of luck with it!
  20. Australian Defence Force info

    :hypo::hypo: ROFL! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I wasn't going to dignify it with a response- he obviously knows everything about the ADF so there's no point in me getting sore fingers typing a response, but that was pure gold had a good laugh reading that!!
  21. Heater wont work

    Has the heater core been bypassed? ie look on the firewall and see if the heater hoses still go through to the cabin. If a heater core leaks you end up with coolant on the passenger side floor and a dodgy fix is to cut the heater core out of the circuit by connecting the heater hoses together resulting in no heater. That or the acutator that switches between hot and cold is stuck on cold. The other fault wouldn't be related to the heater not working.
  22. Australian Defence Force info

    If you did happen to make it to the RAAF as a scope dope and you got deployed to the MEAO, you are not going to see anything resembling combat. You will be sitting in the back of a p3 Orion spewing your guts up in between staring at a computer screen far above the dangers on the ground in Afghanistan. When not up in the air you would be sitting in the UAE where the Orions fly out of enjoying weekly shopping excursions into Dubai.
  23. Australian Defence Force info

    +1 Took me 4 years to get a deployment and that is fast for someone in my trade. Don't just think you can finish recruits and trade training then be on the first plane to the middle east. Deployments are often a way of rewarding hard workers.
  24. PPW 350z

    Sweet ride mate, love the rims! you don't see the pearl white much either, beautiful colour!
  25. Nissan FAST Software...

    If you pm me your email address I'll send you the torrent!