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  1. Townsville Members

    Got my cars up for sale guys. Check it out here - http://nissansilvia.com.au/forums/index.php?showtopic=495990
  2. Australian Defence Force info

    would seriously consider deleting that section of your post if I were you. not appropriate at all mate +1 If you really had TS you would know that you can't just walk in to any government department and demand to know anything you want. You should know full well that you can access TS information on a need to know basis and I can't see any information that ASIO, the ATO or the ADF (seeing as you say you are ex EW) has as being anything that you need to know.
  3. Townsville Members

    Anyone in Townsville interested in doing a sileighty conversion? I have a the necessary parts needed so drop me a pm if ur interested.
  4. Australian Defence Force info

    Didn't realize it was a competition!
  5. Australian Defence Force info

    AEA's have an awesome job man! I flew on a P3 sortie in the middle east and it was the highlight of my deployment. Gotta have a stomach of solid iron though-11 hours of flying around in circles had me spewing my guts up a few times. Definately worth persuing once you are in the RAAF though.
  6. Wheel modifications

    http://www.depuluwheels.com/index.html Depulu are really good. Had rims repaired by them before and was very happy.
  7. Townsville Members

    What have you pulled apart?
  8. Townsville Members

    Don't forget to apply for the disaster relief fund then! If you have had power off for 48 hours then you qualify!
  9. Townsville Members

    I bailed on Townsville the morning before the cyclone hit to stay with friend in Mackay! Checked my house in Annandale (that I haven't moved into yet because all my flood soaked belongings are still stuck in Brisbane) this arvo, man that whole suburb has been trashed! Actually the whole town had been! How'd everyone else's houses etc. fare?
  10. Townsville Members

    Can't make it sorry Rob- the Mrs is panicing about this cyclone and doesn't want me to go anywhere until it's over. I'll definately be at the next one though!
  11. I'd do it. s15's are waaaaayyy cooler than r33's but thats quite a few ponies the r33 has over your s15 (plus rb's sound awesome!)
  12. Townsville Members

    Sorry Rob, couldn't be bother reading back through the thread- was the cruise tomorrow @ 7 @ riverways?
  13. Townsville Members

    Has anyone gone out to one of these street meets at the dragway? Was keen on heading out there just to see how quick my car is in a straight line (boring I know). I'm guessing that it's a bit of a falcodore boganfest out there though!
  14. HKS Turbo TImer Wiring

    Get one of these - http://cgi.ebay.com/...sQ5fAccessories It will make life a lot easier for you and save you having to butcher your wiring harness. I believe one of the site sponsors also sells these. Failing that, here is the manual http://www.banzai-racing.com/store_instructions/HKS_Type-1_Turbo_Timer.pdf Wow, the dazzling power of google.
  15. Townsville Members

    Hey if any of you guys have a s13/180 shell or know of anyone with one let me know! Even if its a silvia or something with a blown motor that the owner couldn't be arsed fixing I'd be really keen on getting my hands on it!