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  1. registering bike no lapsed rego

    Was about to then realised they closed at lunch today so thought I'd try to get an answer on here before heading out there on Monday. I think it should be fine though being I can supply every other detail except for the rego number. Worse case scenario I guess I take my mate with me i guess
  2. registering bike no lapsed rego

    So I just purchased a CBR250RR off a mate that hasn't been registered for over a year. He has lost the rego papers but I''ve been told I don't need it the register the bike, all I need is receipt as proof of purchase, blueslip and all the other things like CTP. Now, I''ve been told I need the previous number plates on the bike, not physically but apparently I need to be able to tell the RTA what it is? Any truth to that? Cause mate doesn't remember the plates
  3. Vietnam Travel

    Saigon and Nha Trang are the places to be. If you've got 3weeks, consider going to some other countries. I went through Viettravel who are a pretty big tour company. Cambodia 4days/3nights with accommodation including food (proper restaurant/buffet food) and tours by proper tour bus was $250au. Thailand same deal 6days/5nights including flights was $350 and Singapore 4days/3nights including flights was $600. Highly recommend going on those tours, if you're in Saigon you can book it whenever as it's pretty popular so it runs every few days. As for accomodation, it's cheap so i'd wing it.
  4. Uni Jobs

    Worked at Liquorland as a part-timer for a good 3 years, think i was lucky though with the amount of work/flexibility I was offerred. Was clearing 30k a year with full-time study. Now working as a casual at a private bottle-0 and as a casual for Greater Western Sydney Giants teaching AFL to kids at school and about to start Masters. Took a gap year to work to save so i don't have to work as much this year. Managed to clear just under 50k working at the two jobs i have now as a casual so there are jobs out there, just gotta find them
  5. Catalytic Converter

    I think its a myth also but im a "better safe than sorry" kind of guy. i would assume with global warming and pollution on every politicians agenda that it would be a very serious offence. i don't know of anyone personally that has copped a fine but was having a chat with a mate before, apparently his brothers mate copped a pretty hefty fine for running no cat. Fine was in the thousands but nothing near 10k though
  6. Catalytic Converter

    exposed pods, cannons etc are different compared to running no cat as it increases pollution dramatically. I've heard of one bloke who copped $2500 for running no cat and apparently the fine can total over $10k. Much safer to run a 100 cel cat and save yourself the trouble
  7. who do you know thats famous?

    Jason Taylor (former parra player, souths coach) is mates with my old footy couch and sponsors our side. Used to come down and train us, bloke would still shit on half the halfbaks in the game now. Went to school and also mates with Tony Williams (plays for Manly, Australia). I also work for GWS Giants so bump into Sheedy and the players all the time.
  8. S20DET Heavy Duty Clutch

    What are you planning on doing to your car power wise? If just the basic bolt ons an Exedy HD will do. Just get a lightened flywheel with it. I'm in NSW so i'll let others comment on where to get it from but try looking through our vendors/sponsors
  9. 35k to buy a car for daily

    wow... u actually thought about it... hmmm What are you implying? Mazda 3/6 MPS is also pretty good. Can chew a bit of petrol but they pull pretty hard and are comfy and easily seat 4 passengers. 6 is AWD too
  10. 35k to buy a car for daily

    I'd go Golf GTI but Skoda Octavia RS is up there, same engine as GTI. If you want to pull bitches then get a Volvo C30, put glitter all over your face and tell the girls your name is Edward and you're looking for eternal love. *C30 is actually a pretty good car though lol
  11. Know any good window tinters?

    Give Daniel at Carbon Car Systems a go, formerly known as Platinum Car Security. He's a member on here and is a top bloke. Good work and cheap too. http://carboncarsystems.com.au/ Mobile: 0411 101 737 Phone: (02) 9831 3288
  12. Does anyone know when putting the 8 bar onto the 7 whether or not you need a new reo bar to suit? i know that with the 9 you do but im unsure about the 8 cheers
  13. Recommended Smash Repairer

    Went to Bari, Ash is a top bloke, very honest. Will be getting my car repaired by him definitely. Thanks again for the recommendation mate
  14. Recommended Smash Repairer

    Yeh Prestige do Imports but they're a bit dodgy. Took my old Type R there when i had someone rear end me, told me $2k cash if i leave it with him that day, ask for a quote he said i don't need one, its cheap. I'll pop by Bari tomorrow and let them have a look, cheers mate.
  15. So i had a low speed accident and rear ended another bloke in my Evo (not at fault but too hard to prove otherwise) and need to get the damage fixed myself as i have third-party. I've had a look through the NSW workshop listings but there were only a few and most are outside my area, also most did not specify whether they do smash repairs or just tuning etc. What i am after: - Recommended Smash repairer (preferably in Western Sydney, in particular around Liverpool) - Preferably one that knows imports - It'd be a cash job so if anyone knows someone who will do the job after hours it might benefit them - Obviously the cheaper the better (does not have to be repaired with new parts) I'd rather have the car assessed by a member on here if possible as a lot of smash repairers if told the car is uninsured they will over-quote, and they would probably have a better idea of what 'has to be repaired' and what can do without. Just for reference, from what i can see, it needs; -bonnet (just out of shape) -fenders slightly out of position -new front bar -headlight brackets broken but no real damage otherwise -intercooler looks fine but im sure its out of position -bonnet latch just touching condensor