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  1. Saw it all wrecked on Hume hwy landsvale going to have a bad time trying to replace that custom kit
  2. Car was probably sitting in a rack for a while, get an engineers opinion
  3. help accident insurance exhaust mod

    Did it contribute to the accident? No, don't worry just add it to the policy once repaired
  4. How to deal with moody girlfriends?

    Find a chubby girl that has potential to be hot an fit, with very little self esteem she will be like putty in your hands
  5. **DMD the image** contact details?

    Thanks guys
  6. **DMD the image** contact details?

    Yeah but I didn't own it then, qld rego apparently changed hands 4 times since it was rebuilt it's now in NSW
  7. **DMD the image** contact details?

    The 180sx BN blister kit that they have on there site is my car and I need new wide body front guards
  8. **DMD the image** contact details?

    Really google I would never have thought of that thanks. So the number is dead hence my request!
  9. Does anyone have contact details for DMD the image, are they closed? Trading under a different name? etc and help would be appreciated.
  10. Race Suits/Kits

    revolution race gear used to have a good deal but I can't find it on their site. http://www.revolutionracegear.com.au
  11. Spur suspension

    I would assume the judge would say its up to you to redirect your mail but in saying that the judge may take into consideration that you made a error or didn't know. And if you have a clean driveing record that will work in your favour too Letter from employee stating you are of good character and maybe if you ever reviewed fines for driving work vehicle
  12. SXDevelopments 180SX (SXD180) - CNC Shiny stuff

    I googled this and it came up with all different stuff so I still dont know exactly what peel/stich ply is. Got any pictures? I used these two cloths three layers of each to make the first test sheet. Good idea didn't think of this, abit of sandpaper along the edges once its cut should do the job. Have a look at this http://www.playwithcarbon.com/products/Peel-Ply.html I use peel ply to help extract the excess resin out as resin is a weak link it also give a better finish and easier to bond to later of need be. Also if your only laying up flat panels in carbon there is a weave set option eg 200T(WS) the twill you have distorts very easy try using masking tape around the perimeter (you will need to cut off later) to keep its shape also of it does distort pull the same strand from one side to the other till its all back into shape. Are you in sydney
  13. SXDevelopments 180SX (SXD180) - CNC Shiny stuff

    Use glass and for a pretty finish on top side use peel ply (stitch ply)
  14. S13 Acceleration Jolt