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  1. 1989 Honda Prelude starting problems

    Hi.. I have Prelude gen 3.. same problem... it happened today in 30c... stopped car for 5 mins and wouldn't go. mechanic says it's ignition igniter, when car cools (after about 10 mins) it goes... cost about $300... not worth getting 2nd hand... hardly any labour cost. But stick with it great cars. Hammo I'll check! Appreciate any suggestions Geoff
  2. 1989 Honda Prelude starting problems

    Hi Thanks for suggestion - I'll check it out Geoff
  3. Almost at the end of my tether with this one! Next step might be a 5 litre jerry can! Bought the car about 4 years ago and for three years have had a persistent problem with re-starting the vehicle after taking it out for a spin. It is certainly to do with the warming up and cooling down process but nobody seems able to fix it. Typically, it won't always restart after a trip downtown and then must be left to cool down (hopefully 10 mins or so - sometimes up to 45 mins) before it'll splutter back to life. I've so far replaced the coil, distributor and ignition module but to no avail. A lot of people seem to be aware of this particular problem with this vehicle but no one has a solution! HELP!! Cheers Geoff