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  1. Item: Rare Nismo Rays LMGT1 3-piece Tyres: 2 tyres
 Pair / Set: Set PCD: 5x114.3 Diameter / Width / Offset: 18x10 +20 Location: Brisbane Willing to Ship: Yes – Buyer pays
 Price: $2850 no tyres - $3000 with the tyres Willing to Swap: Yes – 19x10.5 +12 TE37/LMGT4 (cash) Comment: Tyres are Falken Azenis 275/35/18 (Still has plenty of tread, see pictures). They are in quite good condition for their age. The lips in my opinion are in superb condition considering a wheel built in May, 1997. One wheel lip has some rash/marks on the outer edge and inner lip. On the same wheel, there is also a small indent on one spoke (pictured). The others have some small marks as well, some gutter marks and may have small scratches/marks on the face/spokes. Please see the photos for a better description All wheels have the original RAYS sticker on the inside barrel (under the years of brake dust), these were built in 5th May 1997. I wanted to run these and then re-lip them but don’t want to ruin genuine rare wheels. Pictures: (If you need more, let me know):
  2. Now that the wheels are gone, I definitely have no reason to save these.
  3. Have R35 Wheels I can do a deal with!
  4. Hi guys, As per title. Item: Toyo Proxes R888 285/35/20 x 2 Price: $700 Location: Brisbane Willing to Post: Yes, at buyers expense. Comment: A pair of Toyo Proxes R888 tyres from a R35 GTR. They are in new condition with the small nipples from new still visible. The balance lines are still clearly visible as well. These have been stored under the house, in the cool and out of the sun. Selling the wheels separately so I removed these tyres. --> I have a full set of R35 GTR Wheels for sale as well. Pictures:
  5. Price : $850 Condition : Used Brand: Modena Model: Modena GTR Tyres: No Pair / Set: Set PCD: 5x114.3 Diameter / Width / Offset: 17x8.5 +18 and 17x9.5 +28 Location: Brisbane Willing to Ship: Yes - Buyers expense Price: $850 Willing to Swap: No Comment: Pictures show condition, one lip had a small crack which was repaired. Few scratches and a bit of rash on other wheels
  6. Price : $3,000 Condition : Used Hi guys, time for me to downsize my wheel collection/make room for some more. Legendary Volk TE37. For sale: Bronze TE37 Price and price conditions: See Below Condition: See Below Pictures: See below Contact Details: Pm me for number Location: Brisbane Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up or happy to wrap and organise freight (e-go) Bronze 18x9 +10 All Round 275/35/18 Toyo Tyres, 3 tyres have at least 85% even tread, and one has camber wear. These are in absolutely mint condition! The colour is still perfect. Only one wheel has a small scratch, see pictures below. Centre caps aren't included as I have other wheels for them. I can be persuaded for an extra $100, see below. Mint 18x9 +10 Bronze TE37 Toyo 275/35/18 Tyres 85% tread, one tyre has camber wear. $3100 with tyres and centre caps $3000 with tyres only $2800 without tyres & caps Would trade for 19x10.5" +12 TE37s Or R33 GTR Wheels Location: Brisbane I can have them sent Australia wide, I have an account with e-go, which hopefully will reduce costs a bit. Pictures below: Photos of the actual wheels on a R32 GTR.
  7. Price : $3,300 Condition : Used Hi, As per the title. I've got a set of excellent condition 18x9 +10 Bronze TE37. They must have been a custom size as i've never seen them before. I've had them on the car a few months now and then stored. The wheels are in perfect condition bar one little mark on a wheel (see photo). Tyres are 275/35/18 Toyos. Heaps of tread left, only one wheel is some camber wear (need to check my car) Centre caps are an extra $100 with wheels or $150 separate - as I have another set of wheels here that need centre caps (don't mind keeping) Price: $3300 + postage I can have them sent Australia wide for a fair price. I'm located in Brisbane for inspection and pick up. Cheers Simon
  8. Price : $3,200 Condition : Used Hi guys, Just trying to sell another set of my wheels. They're in excellent condition. Build date 2010. All stickers are still on it. Only a few marks here and there (see photos). 18x10.5 +15 All Round Maximum Concave I'm after $3200 + postage. I'm in Brisbane. Edit: I have someone interested at the time of this post but until money is with me, they aren't sold. Cheers Simon
  9. Price : $2,500 Condition : Used Hi, As per title. I bought these a couple of months ago for a smaller sized wheel with tyres for track. Changed my mind and will look at something else now, a 17x10.5 perhaps with +0 offset. To the point. Discontinued LMGT4 Bronze Rays Nismo 17x9 +22. These are super light, forged monoblocks. They're in original paint, that special, oh so special Anodized Bronze. Unfortunately 2 rims have gutter rash, the other two have slight marks. Over all not too bad for the age of the wheel (see size and info sticker). The nismo stickers are still there, slowly missing edges. Tyres are Bridgestone Potenza GIII - 245/45/17. Thread depth shown in photos. Two of the tyres have a bit of camber wear, but the rest of the tyre is fine with plenty of thread. One tyre has some flaky substance on it, not sure what it is, thought i'd post that too. Pictures will describe everything better than I can, so see below. Price. $2500 including everything you see in pictures. I believe I have centre caps with the Rays logo on it, $100 for those (from my old set) if you want them. I canwrap and post anywhere, will put a piece of cardboard on each side and wrap with rubbish bags Easy and cheap. Would fit a GTS-T, GTT, S15, R32 GTR, most things quite easily, depends on how stanced you want it. Pictures:
  10. Price : $2,700 Condition : Used Hi Everybody, UPDATE: STILL FOR SALE! Same as the day I posted them Haven't used them. I've got a set of Volk Racing GT-F. 19x9.5 +17 All round. Most of the stickers are still present, behind the carbon build up. They're a A Disk, therefore able to clear big brakes. From the Rays website, 70mm of dish. They have a build date of 2007.10.11. Absolutely perfect condition (except for one rim has a bit of gutter rash (pictured, ~5cm or so) and one has a small chip) I'm selling is cause they're not wide/large enough offset for one of my cars. Was hoping I could do something with them. Pictured below after the rim shots is a mock up on my R33 GTR (Fit very nicely) and R33/4 (Those guards eat it up). Easily posted Australia wide. I'm located in Brisbane, but I have boxes and can get them to you via any courier you'd like. Transdirect/E-go, are pretty cheap. You will have to pay and organise, I can show you what to do. Price: $2700! I haven't seen a set of these GTF around here since i've been registered or couldn't find any advertised in Australia. Be unique. They are very light for what they are, two piece rims. Pictures below, any more required or questions, send me a message.
  11. I may come for a look. Won't be having breakfast or laps though. Would have done the same the night before for the Sauqld final meet.