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  1. thanks for all the help to everyone. i got it fixed and working. i ended up using one of the wires from the abs ecu unit got no idea what pin it is, but it was a light green coloured wire, its the only one that was that colour, so i took a risk and it paid off. i found a drawing showing colours from abs unit and it said it went to cluster, so i used that and its fixed happy now that its working if anyone needs help with this in the future, more than happy to help out
  2. yeah thats how i understood it as well converts to square wave [4v approx] but if ABS unit splits the signal, parrallel, doesn't that mean that the ECU leg will need to get calibrated too? not just the cluster? and what does pin 32 on ECU do then? according to the manual, it goes to the cluster? NISSAN REALLY NEED TO MAKE IT MORE CLEAR
  3. ahh ok lol so you recon the cluster recieves a comination of abs ecu + ecu i've just been told to try pin 11 from abs ecu
  4. p14 doesn't have anything in it http://www.mys15.org/S15_Tech/ecu.htm
  5. i just installed one of these in my s15 but im struggling to get the signal wire, which is meant to be pin 32 any help would be appreciated: http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=519008
  6. After changing diff ratios my speedo is out on the s15 [turbo]. Bought a Jaycar unit, solered the circuit-board up, wired it into the ecu circuit. Used pin 32 for speed signal, but it doesn't seem to be the speed signal. Speedo still works, EVEN if i disconnect that wire completely. So im stuck Parrallaled off pin 36 for +12v [ignition swithched] Parrallaled off pin 39 for 0v ground Cut the wire from pin 32 for speed singnal output from ECU [white w/purple stripe], redirected to speed correction input, and then run new wire from output on speed correction and soldered to the other end of the cut wire (SUPPOSEDLY going to speedo) Tested the voltage across p36 & p39, thats fine and working [14 or so volts] Voltage on p32 is just over 4v [between p32 & p39], this is in stationary position On nissan diagrams, pin 32 is said to be the speed signal and goes to cluster, but i dont know if it goes direct??? Obviously somewhere in the process: signal is taken from the diff housing using the ABS sensor ==> then goes to ABS unit [under the back seat] ==> then goes to ABS unit [next to ECU] ==> then i dont know, possibly ECU and then possibly to speedo cluster??? Where is the speedo getting its signal from? Is it parralleled with something else? Is it bypassed via the ABS unit? Another option i thought of was to pull the cluster out and splice the wire at the back of the cluster, but cant determine exactly which wire it is. Its really doing my head in, and want to fix it before next week, as engine is coming out Really need some help and direction here please
  7. R200 Diff Ratios

    so i've joined the 4.3 diff club so thought i'd pass on some useful info my existing diff in my s15 was an r200 3.6 with a mech 2 way lsd [with abs sensor] got an r200 r33 auto diff [4.363 non abs] swapped the crown wheel and pinion gear from the r33 with my s15 CWP i now have the same gear ratio [4.363] speed is out by about 20%, (80km/h = 100km/h displayed on cluster) but kept my original r200 abs housing and 2 way lsd now to my beleif, if i used an r33 abs r200 with 4.363 ratio, my speedo reading would be correct, but i chose not to do that because i wanted to keep my mech 2 way so i now will be making up a speedo signal corrector with a kit you can get from jaycar, or for those with no soldering skills or electronic knowledge, you can buy these already built from other places hope that info helps someone out
  8. That said, i may have to wait afterwards... I know you'll be doing it for me Donny, but want to use carbon one and it wouldnt be fair having the car sit there for 2 months waiting on one
  9. Donny, i want to go carbon. so wanted to order one, takes like 2 months They have measurement already, just wanted to get secondary measurement see if its anywhere nearby
  10. I need some measurements please for all those repping an rb box in their s15 with r200 diff These are the measurements i require... Help a brother out
  11. TE37SL Vs TE37

    yes rolled guards
  12. TE37SL Vs TE37

    Now everyone is questioning how genuine any wheels are HATE IT yes they are genuine, i almost bought these wheels
  13. Daily driving on E85?!

    if you can muster up some courage, get yourself an ecu that can take dual maps link is good unit, and cheap enough to get... you can also run a sensor which detects the amount of ethanol like what the holdens do then spend some time on the dyno tuning it all and you'll be sweet