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  1. count at least 4 from down my way
  2. s14 series 1 & s14 series 2 ecus

    this is the ecu i need if anyone has one let me no cheers
  3. s14 series 1 & s14 series 2 ecus

    ok cheers if i get stuck i will contact you as soon as i no
  4. s14 series 1 & s14 series 2 ecus

    cheers going to spg tomorrow to get it organised cheers
  5. sr20 people; s14 series 1 and s14 series 2 ecu's. I have got 2 computers down and there both wrong. I got told my engine was a series 2 and i have been lookin on google and the ecu for series 1 has more pins near the bolt. Also the plug on the wiring harness is about 5 to10 mm longer than the s14 series 2 ecu i got down. So im thinking the s14 series 1 ecu must be the right one? Any info would be much appreciated as i need the car going by next weekend. Cheers Thorpy
  6. still so much to do. s14 conversion to the bluey, wiring and intercooler piping, exhaust but will be there for sure
  7. Tas drift fest

    hell yeah thats mine and consis run im in becketts r32 sweet
  8. Tas drift fest

    overall a epic day
  9. Tas drift fest

    the 360's from last year are the reason we are no longer using the back straight/sweeper...its beyond our control... personally i preferred the front straight into turn 1...much more suited to it and evens out the playing field...ash courtney obviously won and his car would be in the lower 1/3 of the field power wise, had it been back straight then nothing with less than 250rwkw would have came close thats were we make it extreme by trying to match the big boys. well to me it is i think i did see a couple of 360s and people were still allowed to run whats with that. you said kicked off straight away
  10. Tas drift fest

    i second your comment the extreme entry was just like normal scandos in to the first corner. i didnt get to run but in the pits it didnt do anything for the other drivers and the speed is down. back straight for the win

    cheers for that man, i will tell you now, that was my 3rd ever comp day and to be offered your car at short notice was a dream come true. as you said if i had more time in your car would have been epic but thats how it goes thanks again :-)

    Obviously very disappointing for us all ,to see Mark's car having mechanical problems, stopping him from qualifying ! After all that, and finally working out ,it was a faulty fuel pump, Mark was gracious enough to loan his beast to Thorpy in The battles, and for a guy who had never sat in the car previously .......it was an awesome display of driving ! cheers cloaky i was a bit worryed to scando into turn one in case i crashed it lol. but it ment heaps to me him letting me drive it not even seeing me drive before :-)

    i would like to thank Mark Beckett for lending me his skyline i really appreciate it mate cheers for that it was epic.
  14. Round 4 chat

    im entering, just got to adj hand brake, get my tires. should be epic to see who gets top spot going to be a good day

    just a couple i got from facebook, i have a 360 video on there but dont no how to get it to hear