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  1. Awesome stuff! The radium gear looks nice too - is that a twin pump tank? It looks a bit bigger than I pictured them to be.
  2. Michelin Slicks

    How far did you go in anger on the NT01s? Did you wear them down to just the two lines and did they remain grippy? 2 years is impressive... Not sure if mine see as much action as yours though. Please let us know what you discover about the slicks. Hard to ignore the price!
  3. Great pics - a lot to look at and absorb there. Are you able to post a pic of the splitter that worked and the one that... worked less? I'm interested in understanding what changed between them.
  4. I have clubsports in my S15 (occasional use road registered track car). Had a set of v3 in my Golf. I think they are spectacular once they've been setup properly. They are very comfortable and compliant for normal driving as they respond well to bumps in the road surface, but the low speed compression will still hold the car flat in corners for when you use it on track. Worth noting they don't actually make them for the S15, so you need to buy the S14 set and adjust your brake lines to suit. The quality of this stuff is astonishing when you hold a standard tein or other brand coil over next to it. I bought mine from worksconcepts.com in the states (a sponsor on zilvia.com). Shoot them an email for a price and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I believe the newer versions have much nicer adjusters than the Allen key that I have got to use. That is the only downside to my clubsports - they are a bitch to adjust. But once they are set up right for your intended use you never touch them again anyway...
  5. S13 Silvia Sports sedan

    A great read of an ambitious build, thanks. I'd be curious to know the $ and effort / time sunk into this if you're keeping track and want to share. It will help give us all some perspective (and a reality check).
  6. Looks like they are 8.5, so could be 25, 30, 40, 47 or 52 according to Rays (the 5 options mentioned). http://www.rayswheels.co.jp/2009/products/wheel_en.php?code=VOLK_CE28N10&size=18&for=domestic
  7. They don't have ET30 or similar written anywhere? http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?20793-How-To-Measure-OFFSET-on-your-Rims
  8. Foxtel - better rates & services

    Has this worked for anyone with their foxtel through Telstra? We've been snookered into that corner (packaged up with bigpond and other stuff a while back) for a few years and get hand balled if we call foxtel directly.
  9. Get a decent wheel alignment from a reputable shop, then get some performance driving tuition - p one session will do. Unless you have messed with it immensely, I don't think the perceived problem lies with your car.
  10. VW Golf R mods

    ^Do you have personal experience with APR or has a GIAC fan been feeding you that horseshit? I had an APR tune stage 2+ GTI Pirelli and it was phenomenal. Factory smooth and never missed a beat. Stage 1 tunes from REVO,APR,GIAC, Bluefin, Viezu are all more or less the same in terms of power gains, so you tend to go somewhere that is nearby that can support your car. If you map out where you want to be in terms of the pre defined stages, then it becomes clear (as it did to me), that APR will give you all the power without needing to strap on a fart can exhaust or a noisy intake - the car looks stock. Price works out about the same, but no need for all that additional hardware. I've got nothing against other tuners at all - I've been very happy with the stage 1 bluefin and Viezu (and will be looking at GIAC for my next 2.0TFSI), but it aggravates me when someone feeds in second hand info about a tuner without the personal experience to back it up.
  11. Track S series

    Sorry - have tweaked it now.
  12. Track S series

    Not sure how to embed using this tablet, but here's a clip from a tuning day yesterday here in WA. my best lap on the day was a 1:06:86 - a new PB, with room for improvement!
  13. Breaking Bad

    Hahaha so true. I ended up having to appreciate how well she was acting in that role or she would wind me up too much.
  14. SEMA Hlights by Mighty Car Mods [Video]

    Nice work. SEMA looks pretty overwhelming (info overload), so a highlights clip works well!
  15. WA workshops

    I'll give another endorsement for C-Red. Do it once, do it right. You'll find that most of the WA users will be on SilviaWA.
  16. Custom Intake pipes

    Talk to the guys at C-Red. They are the only workshop & tuner I trust with my car. Unit 8, 383 Sevenoaks St Beckenham WA 6107 Tel: (08) 9356 3000 Email: marc@c-red.com.au
  17. The XBMC Media Centre thread

    I couldn't get XBMC to behave on my apple TV (jail broken with http://firecore.com/atvflash-black ) So switched everything over to plex and aside from the odd bizarre naming of a show, it works flawlessly across iPads, iphones and the nexus 7 tablet I'm typing this on. Server is free (not sure if it will run on a NAS) - I have it on an older macbook pro - but you pay for the viewing apps on devices.
  18. Good god. Things just got out of hand.
  19. This is the drift scene

    I'd second this. It isn't a base line / poverty pack of foxtel you need either, you've got to pay for an additional channel pack to get the appropriate sports channel (speed?). The kids channels won out at my house I'd love to see these events as a well produced YouTube series - will take dedication and commitment from some sponsors but the immediacy of response should be a big drawcard. How are the Drive YouTube channel guys funding their adventures? (Chris Harris and co?) Really entertaining stuff without any overt advertising or sponsorship.
  20. This is the drift scene

    All this thread has shown is some will act like petulant children who can't express themselves or their "ideas".