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  1. STOLEN: Another R33

    taken from Facebook "Purple r33 skyline just stolen in Launceston, keep an eye out. 0409 631 092 if you see it and what direction it's headed in"
  2. Stolen R33

    its been confirmed that it is now black
  3. Who's Who of NS-Tasmania?

    Name: Brian Location: Hobart Car: S1 R33 GTST Mods: S2 RB25 DET, RB26 crank,forged rods & pistons, with an overbore of 1mm ported and polished port matched head ACL race bearing and gasket set, thicker metal head gasket. N1 oil & water pumps. SplitFire coil packs Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator, megasonic bov & single stage boost controller Front facing plenum Hicas lock bar Short shifter Excedy sprung button cluch 18x8.5 & 18x9.5 teks Plans: ecu, turbo & xd9's or cr kais for now.
  4. Show me your stickers!

    Here are a few I have on my 33
  5. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    Hey guys here's my 33
  6. Got mine yesterday also Thanks
  7. username change request

    hey, could i get mine changed to Autumn_33 or Autumn_R33 cheers
  8. Tas drift fest

  9. Tas drift fest

    I have the sctv news on my pvr so ill try & upload it to youtube
  10. Tas drift fest

    Was an awesome day congratulations to Lloyd for winning & everyone who entered Feel sorry for Nick wedd, purtell, truscott And others who had some mechanical problems Here are a few pics I took. Crap quality as I forgot the cam so used my phone ( no action shots as my phone is crap lol )
  11. 180 build thread - just clicked 300kw woot!

    now that's tough, can't wait to see it at driftfest,
  12. username change request

    could i get my user name changed to autumn_86 or autumn_ae86 cheers

    tempted to put my rx7 on the dyno but doubt it would make enough kw to turn the thing lol, will pop along for a look anyways