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  1. Where to get Titanium thinwall tube?

    I will be selling it soon Weight difference is SS in 70mm x 1.5mm is about 2.3kg per meter Ti is 1.3kg, weight saving 1kg per meter
  2. Where to get Titanium thinwall tube?

    I am getting some gr2 70mm x 1.6mm tube and some 6AL-4V 45mm rod to see how good it is and prob get more in

    air balls
  4. What are you guys using for tube cutting?

    I got a bandsaw to, I got the 10amp one There not that slow, but makes up for less cleaning of the cut, is so dam good But that said mine was like 1800 Got mine on wheels haha
  5. Which MIG ?

    ^^^^ same everyone will say best to buy, plus got a name brand so resell will be good I would like to see the new kemppi RA
  6. anyone got the hookups for speedglas helmets?

    Yeah tools work out so cheap and quick to ur house. One thing do hate find some good items and dont send out side US
  7. anyone got the hookups for speedglas helmets?

    So much good stuff over there but shipping is the killer
  8. fender braces and other things

    Yeah true. saying that the power tune RB25 adapter kits will be obsolete soon
  9. anyone got the hookups for speedglas helmets?

    I got mine from ebay US was about 450 and only 6 days wait All i can say it is so so good and well worth it
  10. fender braces and other things

    Also works both ways, some people will op for cheap china sweat shop ones or pay bit more for AUS made items
  11. My fabrication pics

    Looks very good You able to do side by side on your tig torch from the old and new?
  12. Custom spacers

    Its about BSA http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/402827-buyer-beware/
  13. D-Max roof wing install help

    Mine was the same one side was up like 20mm. Line it all up glue the middle then glue one side wait for it to set then do other side and put something heavy on it. Should work out good
  14. My fabrication pics

    That 6200 with fright ? Got link to shop I wanna get water cooled soon the ck pretty lite with all the cords?
  15. My fabrication pics

    How much that bad boy set you back?