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    Probably go between $3 to 5 million, thats a big group buy! Theres quite a few others like it around i think is just one of the most well known. For example about 150m down the road from this house is another massive house, all you can see from the street though is its driveway which leads to a big gate at the end of the block/driveway and the parcel of land and house in there is huge too but its hidden away from view.

    Wheelers isn't meant to be a hip and trendy club, its just a pub where you know everyone and its easy to stumble home ready for work/uni on friday morning I wouldn't travel for it, its just convenient and good on the balcongy in summer. Haha it took me a while to work out what you meant then, does anyone know who actually owns that place? Also the massive mansion at the top of coniston is up for sale, they left the front gates open last night so me and a few mates went and had an early sneak preview, that place is f'ckin huge! Its got a 10 car garage pleny of room to tinker with your cars and its a 1min stoll to the wheelers

    Nah sampe's always has 3 large pizza's for $21.90 whereas pizza hut is about $12 a large pizza unless you get those dockets for $6 pizzas they always send out. Sampe's toppings are 10x better than pizza hut though, i used to be a pizza hut fan but now my loyalties lie with sampe's This thread is making me hungry now....

    They have actually plonked an office block in the middle of the carpark that slopes down (in front of pizza hut/behind red rooter and the servo). And yes Mobil is gone dammit, it used to be so handy for petrol, ATM and late night food, oh yeah and they also finally made FTG rd 3 lanes wide from jells rd onwards (city direction). Wheelers Hill is a bustling metropolis now

    Im still shattered Mobil has gone from the corner of Jells/FTG rd's. I used to get dropped off their every friday/saturday night after catching a cab home from the city with mates and pick up some sleazy late night food and drinks then walk through the art gallery to get home, but not anymore Who had the great idea of knocking it down to build an old peoples tower across the road from a pub known for late night hoolinganism! Oh and s2o0o Lifestyle is a sh!thole, went there for 2 years and would never go back again

    During winter it can get a bit quiet but its still usually near full. From November-March during uni holidays and the summer it still gets ridicuously packed where lines 60min+ aern't unusual. I havn't been in ages though i usually only go a couple of times during summer and of course christmas eve is always HUGE there.
  7. Pod filter

    What kind of car did you get engineered on Spandex? and how much was it to get the emmisions test done?
  8. What rating would you give my S15

    7/10 Different tail lights, remove rear wiper (if legal), rims are ok but could do better. Overall nice ride though.
  9. how low is your car?

    Have you let the springs settle yet? Like after a few days they usually drop more. What are they lows, superlows, or ultralows ? Have you still got standard shocks? A lot of falcons that have king springs drop a bit like you said but even more when you fit shortened shocks, could be the same on s13...
  10. My car

    Looks like docklands, like near the old docks and under the Bolte bridge....
  11. 3 WORD STORI

    lick it up
  12. what high school

    You're all lost! He's talking about Rachael Foy she was year below us finished in 04 we finished 03!
  13. what high school

    Its Kyle dude Dont ask why my names r33 gts made it up when i joined in 2002 lol
  14. what high school

    Brentwood SC
  15. Theres a guy who street tuned his turbo falcon running a Wolf 3D on fordmods.com Probably get some useful advice if you PM him (his usernames CHEF). http://www.fordmods.com/forums/viewtopic.p...%20wolf&start=0 http://www.fordmods.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12309&start=0

    G-four, are those 18's or 19's? HKS 13, do you go to monash caulfield? i think i have seen your car there before....
  17. Twin Turbo V8 Build. Discussion.

    I think the T25 will be way too small for a V8, it will hardly be worth the effort. People have put them on 4L Falcons before and there just too small for the size of the engine and found they could use a much larger turbo that makes more power and still spools up very low down in the rev range. If i was you i would look at other turbo options. As for twin turbo it will probably be a lot easier to go single. You will make just as much power and its not like they'll be sequential or anything. The costs of making up the custom manifold and piping should be easier and cheaper nad tuning a lot easier.....
  18. You say that now......just you wait!!!! Agree, its very easy to say that but all it takes is 1second to make a decision that you will be regretting for a long time. Take it easy after all if you wanted to just get to A to B you could have just got a reliable, safe, insurance, cop friendly car like a camry or corolla.
  19. I am new from UK

    Checkout: www.carsales.com.au www.carpoint.com.au or www.tradingpost.com.au to get an idea of prices, whats going around etc. But like drift_180 said if you want to do it all slowly start off with pod -> exhaust -> intercoller -> boost controller will have you making some nice power for a start.
  20. It would be because the car is classified as a 'High Performance Vehicle' as are many other cars HSV, XR6, Integra etc. For example a stock falcon might be $700 whereas an XR6 might be $1500 a year to insure due it being classified as a 'High Performance Vehicle' . That is why it is so high the fact its a sports car, coupe, turbo and under 25 doesnt help your cause either......unfortuneatly theres no way around it.