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  1. These also fit the 180sx Type X I'm lead to believe. GLWS
  2. Photos: http://imgur.com/a/U4JmQ Can be contacted on 0403841809 or PM through here All parts located in West Lakes Big Parts Sale! Mainly s13/180sx parts + wheels SR20 stock fuel pump and lines - $20 SR20 stock injectors, all working - $20 Enkei 92 gold mesh rims set 15x8 +25 114.3x4 no tyres. 2 are brand new, 2 with rash (see photos) and includes all centre caps etc - $600 ono SR20 Type X black top 170k kms with suspected bottom end knock (vacuum line fell off and boosted turbo super high), was making a noise down the bottom and head is 100% fine. It comes with a full head although most parts are in bags uninstalled, no hot/exhaust side, some intake parts including intake plenum and injectors and coolant lines. What you see in picture is basically it. I have car seat belt straps but nothing to lift it. - $150 2x 1.5" lips 36 hole off VS-XX, worn condition with scratches here and there, no hardware - $40 17x8.5 +20, 18x9.5 5x114.3 set +25 Weds Kranze Cerberus 1 in silver, only 2 centrecaps. Perfect base for new outer lips with wide inner barrels - $500 ono Two SR coilpacks, one used and one new - $30 and $80 SR 5 speed (with diagram on top of knob) gearknob - $20 Pair of Type X front bar parkers - $40 Bride Gradation Material - $40 Stock SR motor mounts - $10 Brand New Gktech 50mm extended wheel studs - $50 SR stock oil sandwich plate - $10 SR20 T25 turbo with all lines and everything, some play in it - $100 SR20 turbo stock cams - $40 Photos: http://imgur.com/a/U4JmQ
  3. Parts clear out sale - mostly s13/180sx + some wheels

    Whoops, just added it to the main post, I'm in West Lakes but can take stuff into the city most days of the week
  4. And the dude discovered a bunch of new maps for some Nissan models apparently. Finally got my dodgy idle on cold fixed up on the Type X! My old stealth setup: Five-O 1000cc side feeds (spewing I went these, shoulda gone 1200) Kinugawa TD05 20g internal gated on the stock mani Walbro 400 Tomei Poncams tuned with Nistune + the usual mods = 280kw @ 19psi
  5. What cars have you driven/owned

    Had a few regular drives in school: 1978 Kombivan - exact same type and colour as the Little Miss Sunshine Kombi. It was the 2L model and could still bust a small dirt skid with about 40kw Toyota Prado - We've owned 4 total (2 2nd gen, 1 3rd and 4th gen) but I only drove 1 of the 2nd gens and both 3rd and 4th. Petrol for first two models and diesel for the newest. I much prefer the 3rd gen for general hooning Volkswagen Tiguan with 2L turbo - actually incredibly quick in sports mode with 4wd, has a turbo somewhere in it but it must be tiny Bro bought (and then subsequently wrote off) an mk4 Golf Then moved to 180sx Type X as the last car I've tried.
  6. Newbie, JDM S13 Convertible

    Hey mate, when logged in, click this link: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showuser=153437 The top right should have a button to edit profile OR you can hover over the blank picture and a link saying "Change" should appear. As for attaching photos there are two popular ways you can do it: 1) You'll notice a button saying "More Reply Options" in the area where you type out your post. Click this and it'll take you to a more advanced post editor which will allow you to upload photos. 2) If you have a photo hosting account (Imgur, Dropbox, Photobucket etc) then copy the automatically generated link from that website for your photo and click the icon that looks like a small tree and paste the link in there and it should add to your post.
  7. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    Thought the beasty made like 300kw or was that estimated power? Little car problems suck massive wang wang
  8. Newbie, JDM S13 Convertible

    Owner of the car hasn't been on this site for almost a year but I'd be keen to see a few snaps of your vert!
  9. I, like many folk, had incredibly dull lights so I switched out to HIDs with external ballasts and the lot. f**k that noise, trying to 'tune' (for lack of a better word) the light into a concentrated beam was just farked. I would light up street signs from half a k away. Went through an RBT with them with the little bro and all the coppers had to cover their eyes and told me to switch my high beams off.... wasn't on high beams. Pretty sure they would have pulled me over for it if I was on my own. So I switched them out for Raybrigs with some bulbs that were slightly brighter than stock and that works amazingly well. The beam is more concentrated and is actually aimed down low rather than pissing light out everywhere. I agree the price would usually be a factor but I got a bargain luckily!
  10. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    I didn't watch the vid but the frame grab was seat cam of a big ol' female booty
  11. things that annoy you

    Politics and people talking about it.
  12. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Kemp I know you like to use this gif but
  14. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    Looks delicious. Still rad you found those fronts in 17s! I'm down next weekend for 10 days, should have my 180 back too, you know what that calls for?
  15. Fair camber wear as per photos but opposite sides are still pretty meaty. Take the pair for $80 pick up Melb CBD area. 0403 841 809
  16. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    Niiiiiice. Need to hear this when I'm down in Adel next, heaps stoked it's done. Just waiting on a tailshaft and we can be 180 buds again woo
  17. ♥ Nissan 180SX ♥

    ^ Pretty perfect the HT.net logo put itself there
  18. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    I've had a 1 muffler, no decat system since forever man, it's like just the right level of loud to get away with daily driving it I reckon. Should be sweet with your good luck haha
  19. Epic car fail thread

    Not from Aus but found it on Reddit, basically it's a shower grab bar.
  20. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Do you mean the super rare optional ones? Put me on a +1 for those haha
  21. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    I'll be getting my tailshaft done soon as well, let me know how it goes with whoever you decide Chris. I was looking at ATS first and Hardy second.
  22. Rare s13 options/parts

    Yeah they actually encourage water to drip into my car haha, they're the opposite of what they say. But on days when it's raining you can crack open your window a tiny bit if you want to for whatever reason.
  23. Rare s13 options/parts

    Bumping into this thread for some rare shit. Don't have anything personally besides the cupholders which are gangster gangster but I haven't installed them yet. If anyone is still wondering I think you can still buy weathershields brand new from Nissan. Costs a pretty penny though =/
  24. things that annoy you

    Keyword spamming non-related things. Pic is related: If you are the Paul in this particular gumtree ad...