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  1. Autech S15 exhaust set ups

    yeah i wish mine didnt come with this loud droney exhaust lol
  2. Autech S15 exhaust set ups

    yeah i want to go 2 1/4 but i didnt know what sort of set up withmufflers would sound nice, sou rekon just one mid offset muffler? & thats it?
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering what sort of exhaust fellow autech owners are running as I'm thinking of changing mine soon. Atm I run a 2 1/2" cat back with a resonator and rear free flow muffler sounds nice bit abit too much drone and its loud as! 90DB idle 113DB @ 3000rpm just wanting to go something a little more sensible and not lose power for having a too big of a exhaust, need ideas lol
  4. Hey mate, if u still have the problem the only thing ive found as yet that works is to let it idle for a lil bit before driving say like 3/4mins, then baby it when u drive for a few k's, cause mine dose the same sort of thing, and that seems to stop it from happening... but im still trying to find the actual reason for why this occurs. cheers
  5. S15 v2 - Now going SR20VET!

    Nice thread man!, motivates me to start doing my 15 lol, was trying to hold off till im off my P's to get a tubo one, but i supose it couldnt hurt to spend some on my autech version. Deffinetly keeping a eye on this thread!
  6. S15 instrument cluster help

    el dials looks sick! im disapointed i didnt get them now, thats the first picture ive seen of them in real life. to be different i changed mine to red LEDs with 360 degree lighting it works pretty well but its still dull in the afternoons.and JDM S15's dont come with a brightness wheel.
  7. Which S15 taillight do you like?

    any comments about those yashio/nengun headlights??, has angel eyes around the indicator and projector bulb i like the stockos just wanted to see what people think...
  8. Decent HID kit

    I have Xentec ones in my S15, 55w 8000K $100 they look amazing, i have the phillips HID look-a-like halogens in my high beam and u cant even see them my HIDS have so much distance and the light coverage is excellent my ballasts are waterproof,shockproof and dustproof i rekon these are great, but no one here has mentioned them so maybe they arnt as good as i think
  9. if they are still availaible let us know i wouldnt mind one for my S15
  10. Hey guys I've herd of one Guy putting a Turbo on his autech s15 and I was just wondering if its worth it, or just sell and buy a Turbo s15 and if u did do it would it work well or just destroy the autech motor, Personally ibdont think its wõrth f**king around with but i dunno much Cheers
  11. Keeping Traction!

    i think he has a Autech S15, in reality he just needs to grow up and learn how to drive to the conditions
  12. S15 Led lights

    yes Wisesquare do,,, yahoo japan has them http://ord.yahoo.co.jp/o/auction/SIG=12cv2m2c5/EXP=1314416772;_ylt=A3Jvco8EF1dOvnkBZwtAPDh8;_ylu=X3oDMTBiaGxjcmduBHZ0aWQDanBjMDAy/*-http%3A//page14.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/s240308673 thanks for all the replies.. glad i didnt waste my money on cra.p which is supposedly the same as the more expensive brands!! So i cant read japanese but it looks like that says 40000yen? Thats about $490 if im not mistaken. Not really that cheap ay.. yashio factory ones are $543.62 they are a little but not much cheaper i supose so the wiseSquare ones are more expensive lol fml i just like the led indicator it looks great, but forking out big coin for looks is not my cup of tea
  13. Keeping Traction!

    use your brain and drive to the conditions