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  1. Compressor surge? I need help

    I ran 14psi over 3 years on a stock turbo for about 75,000 kms on a street car. the only reason why i took of the turbo is to upgrade to a 71r, it was a stock bushearing t28 of a s14a, when i took it off no shaft play at all front to back side to side, no blowing smoke no damaged fins. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, i even got it checked with rotamaster.
  2. Compressor surge? I need help

    Yeh that sound makes your car go faster.. NOT If the bov isn't opening properly it will cause the flutter as if its blocked off, Check if the bov is a fake copy and replace it with the factory or a good aftermarket bov with a soft spring rate.
  3. For the people who like factory... 18 inch 370z rims, Fronts measure: 18x8 +43 OFFSET ( will need to run spacers) Rears measure: 18x9 +15 OFFSET Crazy offset for a stock Nissan wheel. I actually have a set for sale exactly the same if anyone interested just pm me.
  4. HELP buying a used Power FC

    Hey mate im selling my Apexi power fc + Fcc3 Hand controller for a 200sx S15. http://www.nissansil...howtopic=493676 Let me know if you are interested.
  5. nop.. that wouldn't do that... because im running that mod now and it doesn't make no flutters at all or any back firing keep in mind im still running a stock airbox when i had my bov blocked it was running rich it did back fire, didnt matter what boost level i was running.
  6. Yeah a blocked bov causes that... either one of the pipes circled below would be blocked if you look inside the pipes. but u'll looze the hektik flutazzz Hope that helps!
  7. Greddy BOV connect SR20det

    You need the 25mm adaptor. you can purchase it from ebay.
  8. Loss of power intermittently

    Check out ur fuel pump, I had this problem were it will happen occasionally found out the doushebag who had the car b4 did a crap job on the wiring on the fuel pump and it was earthing causing the car to loose power all of a sudden ocassionally.. Just a suggestion.. If it was a boost leak it wouldn't come and go. If you got a leak you got a leak and that wont change till you fix it..
  9. 350z wheels on S15

    Standard height, she will look heaps better once im done with the coilovers.
  10. My mate has, Had to get the hole welded up by by an engineer. Ye alotta f**kn around
  11. Just use a smaller size battery.. Hey fyjosh... With the piping coming through the battery tray i take it you had to relocate your battery...did you just move it to the boot or? im hesitent as i have a sub already back there etc.
  12. S14 Engine question

    Check the engine number ?
  13. A shit chinese front mount = doing a hole in ur battery tray and a alot of f**king around grinding into ur bar and when u do a hole in the battery tray u need to get it engineered or else ull get raped 1 day. If you did install the cooler kit urself u will know this. + Paying Labour to get it installed for the people that cant install a front mount where as the SMIC anyone with slght bolt on bolt off knowledge can do this upgrade. $200 for a complete cooler kit? iv never seen 1 at that price? 200kws atw is a decent amount of power for a daily, it will be quite enjoyable to drive. I did state to run extra boost, that doesn't mean 18pi of boost. Sorry not everyone on here runs 226 kws like yourself. Im sure allot of people on here don't even have 200kw. Im not trying to advertise, If i was tryna advertise i would put in the main thread with all the info. Just thought ill put a post a up for people to know learn and see,