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  1. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used R33 GTR Brembo brakes, complete kit with near new nismo pads, calipers (Great condition other then paint), master and booster, good rotors, rubber lines its all there. $1200 Cazman (made in Australia the bee's knees) Camber arms Gold Zinc Passivate Dipped with dust boots brand new. Suit s13, s14, s15, r33 gtst/gtr and r34 gtst/gtr. $280 Cazman Toe arms Gold Zinc Passivate Dipped with dust boots brand new. Suit S13/180sx, R32 gtst and 300zx. $140 Do luck Floor Brace. Suit s13/180sx Second hand great condition. $70 Located on the Sunshine Coast, Will post brakes and arms, PM
  2. Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones to compete in D1GP!

    he's not aussie though...
  3. holly shit

    he supposedly did all the welding and fabrication on it himself. extra points for that
  4. holly shit

    http://ls1tech.com/forums/multimedia-exchange/595884-friend-got-running-finally-record-holder.html little more info
  5. the intercooler will just make it less responsive you know other then that you are doing extremely well for 17
  6. n/a TALK <<

    my na 180 is almost on the road...
  7. Sam's N/A 180sx - Now painted pics page 11

    Will do a full update later in the week when i get it running again. But here's a pic to keep you interested
  8. nissan v8 supercar revealed

    What? why? to see an almost identical car with a different skin and badge lose to the big budget vodafone team?

    well thats either a cop lying to you, some random dude saying he's a cop, or a cop that owns a defective vehicle... yeah i was going to say that car has defectable mods...id be tempted to report that car to the cops and see what happens to be honest if the bloke is really a cop then thats piss poor double standards My old neighbor was a cop. he had an illegally modded rx7 with brides, coilovers, engine mods etc. was a top bloke
  10. they are fair pricey and discontinued
  11. Are any of the N/A boys rocking ve setups on here?
  12. why god hates Australia day

    The abo chick on the right has similar facial features to that of barney the dinosaur
  13. looks to me like a shoty chemical reaction to be that farked