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  1. S14 djetro power fc help

    Thanks for the replies I've tried finding patch harnesses And no one has one that will go from s2 to s1 Same with sourcing connectors wiring specialties have the plug but I've been waiting 3 weeks for a reply with a shipping quote I have now began soldering s1 plug on my loom as s1 loom had a few differences like wipers and interior plug that I can't find diagrams for Anyone got an adm pinout for s14a adm?
  2. Hey all I'm trying to install a power fc that I bought new 6 years ago. Went to fit it in my s14 and the plug was different as my car is a series 2 and pfc is for a series 1 I have a series 1 engine harness not in the car obviously but wanted to no what my best option is . Swap harness over will it fit the dash loom etc . Re pin whole ecu plug but I can't find a reliable pin out diagram . Get a 5 l jerry and burn the whole thing because it is giving me the shits Any other options please let me no I'm located in SA if any one thinks they can lend assistance Thanks
  3. Hi all, anyone in Adelaide keen on racing at AIR on Sunday 17th march Entry is $160 however I have spoken with the promoter and if we can get 10 entrants from Nissan Silvia he will drop the price to $140 each. This includes the Andra day licence and a crew members entry. PM me if interested full details available at www.racingonn.com.au Thanks