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  1. Simcity closed beta invites

    Sure is The last 3 nights i'd say ive clocked a solid 15 hours+ Luckily my key didn't arrive until a few days after the whole fark up of the server issues so i skipped them and went straight in and been loving it since! Personally i recommend it.
  2. PS4

    Personally i dont see why people are kicking up such a fuss about what the console actually looks like. When i game i dont look at the console... I look at whats on the screen and that is exactly what they delivered today. Anyway... Interesting little tidbit re the Killzone Screens... http://www.gizmodo.c...pport-4k-games/
  3. PS4

    Re: Price i think it will definitely be lower. With more "off the shelf" parts (rumored) that should help keep cost down PLUS the average joe wont spend $1000 on a new console. Re: GTA5 its now been delayed until Nov isnt it? Again rumors floating around this was planned all along. Take that with a grain of salt though. Either way i'll be buying GTA5 no matter when gen console. Im not, never have been and never will be. I own an original fat PS3 and a slim as well. Purchased my original one for $900ish i think. Literally one of the last original ones in Adelaide brand new.
  4. Simcity closed beta invites

    I swear i played this about 10 times each to an hour. Total tease i agree but i cant wait to get it when it comes out.
  5. COD: Black Ops 2

    Pretty sure i'll be using EB's 7 day return policy. Might pick it up when its cheaper... At the moment i seriously just get campers, campers and more campers. Be happy to go back to MW3
  6. The Internet's Best Build Threads

    Longest Second Ever!
  7. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Thats only for people that paid the $65/Elite Members I picked up the maps via the 50% off sale. $20 i could live with. $65!? Nope
  8. Breaking Bad

    LOL I just happened to randomly watch the Walter episode on the weekend.
  9. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    AMEN! There have been some games ive played in TDM where ive done the map 2 and even 3 times in a row. It was good the first few times but this is a joke now! Ive heard they're patching it so it doesnt come up as often. One map ive played once though and once only since having the game is Piaza. Awesome map but no one votes for it! I dont get it. Another thing is i have both map packs yet all the original maps still get voted in. Why have people wasted their money if they aren't going to use them!? Lastly another map i find is a campers paradise is Oasis. That map can get f**ked! Campers drive me insane! I did manage to have the entire server to abuse a camper last night which was funny. People get so stirred up so easily especially when you sarcastically say "camping takes so much skill".
  10. Im 99% sure you actually can. I dont own one but im sure ive read somewhere it can be done. In adelaide im unsure though. If your like me with my 161. Just swap out the factory boot unit with an aftermarket one which should/would plug straight into the AV inputs. Done and dusted.
  11. Samsung v Apple - The Copyright Court case

    LOL WOW! http://gizmodo.com/5938468/samsung-is-now-copying-os-x-dock-will-they-ever-learn
  12. Samsung v Apple - The Copyright Court case

    Looks like its not over as yet. http://gizmodo.com/5938219/why-the-apple-v-samsung-ruling-may-not-hold-up
  13. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    Ditto! Last night was hilarious!
  14. Oh yeah so REAMED me!!! nice exaggeration. Awww waaa I'll make a point to pull over and double check next time. Ah well bus transport should suffice for now.
  15. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    Had a good couple of 3v3 Faceoff's last night with Hefner, Sly and some other mates. So much more fun with people you know playing a 3v3 over TDM which i normally play when no one is on.
  16. Simcity closed beta invites

    Read it was something to do with the DxDiag file being named exactly that. Alter the name slighty/add something in eg: "DxDiag1" it accepted it. Stupid form.
  17. Simcity closed beta invites

    Yeahhhhh agreed! Hmmmm ok will try with IE or something. Was using Chrome
  18. Simcity closed beta invites

    I tried everything to get it to take my DxDiag file... Wouldnt take it. f**k this game and more importantly Origin/EA
  19. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    PSN: madsammy if you add me let me know your from NS.com
  20. White McLaren MP4-12C with black rims spotted crossing King William today about 1ish. SO DAMN HOT! Also the other day spotted that BeeR 32.4 or what ever getting reamed by undercover's/4WD on Greenhill. They swung a u-turn pretty quickly from what i could see to get her.
  21. torched Evo.

    Was this a black GTA?
  22. SSD or HDD?

    Just ordered my first one. Was tossing up spending the money on an Intel 330/520 or a Samsung 830. Ended up getting a Crucial M4 256GB for $230 delivered from the US. Changed my mind last minute and went the 256GB Samsung 830 for a little bit more. Thought i may as well do it right for my first SSD Cant wait for it to arrive!
  23. How to make iphone not sync all photos..

    Next time you update do it over the air. No plugging it in just update purely from the phone. Take's 5min. Then your done.
  24. Post a pic of your rig/ set up

    Cpu: Intel core i5 2500 (soon to change to a K) Motherboard: ASUS Z68-M-Pro (Soon to Change when i upgrade my processor) Ram: 8gb Gskill RipjawX GPU: Gainward GTX570 - Phantom Edition PSU: Antec TX750 (soon to change) Case: Coolermaster Sniper Black CPU Cooler: Coolermaster something arather Monitor: 27" Samsung SA27950 - 120hz 3D Mouse: Logitech G500 Keyboard: Razer Lycosa HDDs: 1x Samsung 1TB Spinpoint, 1x WD Green 1TB and 1x WD Green 2TB Coming in the next week or so is a Intel 330 180GB SSD CPU, MOBO and SSD will all go in when i format in the next coming weeks Sorry about the pic.. Was taken on my phone... Also case is a mess until i install the new parts