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  1. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    has this been sprayed matt black?
  2. r33 or s15?

    I think stock the s15 look better but if you do both up the 33 will look better and go better. I had the same choice to make years ago and think i did the right thing. How many s15 look better then this???
  3. wheels for 250gt

    You need a 2 piece wheel for it I think. RAYS GTC or WORK make some nice ones. Checkout importmonster for the best deal and Aaron will be able to help for sure with decision. Make sure you get 19's
  4. Need Girls Help

    i wish that someone cook for me EVER Adam,so ,dont stress,anything will do!!
  5. Girls only import club - victoria

    Ive got interest but no import:(((
  6. What B'day present to get

    blue ray dvd!!
  7. r33 gtr rim weight?

    would love to know why you need this info?????? A few kgz this way or that way will not make a difference in the slightest.
  8. Day time training group at PTC

    which state u in?
  9. advice on running

    yeah...running is good but riding bike burns more calories!!
  10. City to Bay (SA)

    wld love to but i live in melbourne mate!!!
  11. go to dohertys if u serious!!!
  12. wide body for r33

    i had my wheels hand fabricated at the local beater. It looks like it came out of the factory that way. They are 60mil wider and I did have meisters 18x11+16 offset. the ones in the pic are 19x10 and sit to far in, got 19x10.5+12 te37 now. Selling the rims in the pics. My front guards are from vivagarge and they do have wider rear guards there.
  13. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    specs on your wheels mate? they are fkn awesome 17x8 +17 17x9 +17 old school looking wheels look awesome on your ride!