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  1. does it sound like clunking? tractor/diesel, keeps stalling? cousin had same problem, but he blew his bottom end bearing, an oil line burst and ran without oil.
  2. voted DIN, looks neat, no troubles reading it. legal.
  3. what is this, what is that?

    could someone please confirm, i've heard n/a boxes arent as strong as turbo boxes because of the synchros. i hear turbo boxes have twin synchros.
  4. im hearing there different.
  5. sr20 box vs rb20 box

    thats what happens. it had 240ish kw (apparently) 350z 18" 255 tyres, strong twin plate, and wat looks to be heaps of skids, broken box. =.='
  6. Choosing a clutch

    Like new gearbox? +1 twin plate, killed my box.
  7. sr20 box vs rb20 box

    it probably has something to do with the old owner and rear tires running on steel belts. but the clutch needs to be replaced soon regardless, it bites very late.
  8. sr20 box vs rb20 box

    well right now it has a 5zigen twin plate clutch? so do you recommend something weaker that will take the strain such as a a normal hd clutch. (exedy or extreme)
  9. sr20 box vs rb20 box

    correct! way way forward than it should be.
  10. hey guys.. apparently ive got a rb20 box in my sr20 s14. and its pretty much blown 4th, 5th and reverse.with some type of twin plate clutch. i only have about 200ish kw at the wheels so i wanna know if i should go another rb20 box ? or go back to an sr20 box? with that said how much power can they handle? and if i was to go back to an sr20 box do i need to change the tailshaft? clutch?? cheers for your input in advance. im pretty sure its a rb20 box bcs the g/box tunnel has been cut towards the front and i can literally see the ground from the cabin.
  11. Onevia or Sileighty?

    sil80 fan but onevias have so much potential! to be like some posted. really a type x fan though.
  12. i've had both cannon and flutes, flutes have more clearance, look more subtle. so i like twin flutes better.
  13. non turbo s13s are worth abit more than 1000 bucks nowadays. but even with the chassis damage, 1000 bucks isnt expensive... auto or manual??
  14. buy 2 of these in the right size http://www.ebay.com....=item43a293fe74 http://www.ebay.com....6.c0.m270.l1313 better than using cut up coke cans i use a plastic coke bottle lid. none of that schwepps stuff. lol