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  1. Make : HONDA INTEGRA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 198000 Price : $1,500 Condition : Fair just being sitting for a while, drives ok but will need a good service and a couple minor repairs like 2 tyres and small stuff, paint will need attention to. all electrics sunroof and stuff works. on a uvp at the moment so can be driven home. no reg or rwc. sold as is hence the low price. sms for pics. 0468460011
  2. Make : HOLDEN VECTRA Transmission : Automatic Kilometres : 177000 Price : $8,000 Condition : Used ok guys, heres the the thing had a 180 sold it and bought a vectra but i miss the jap car so much i want one again. so up for swaps i have a 2003 vectra zc . as far as im concern there is nothing wrong with it coz two months ago i just spent around $1500 on parts and did a major service to it, changed every single filter had the car steam cleaned and now it runs like a beauty. only bad is there is one small dint on the roof and a small one on the passenger side gaurd close to the door( maybe a trolly knock i don't know) there is a crack on the front bumper and thats about it al minor stuff that can be left without doing even.( doesn't bother me) anyway im after nissan- s14,r32,r34;),s15:), Subaru- wrx, impreza, honda - civic , integra, prelude, accord toyota - celica, supra audi- a4 bmw - 3 series s13/180 items i have two sets of rear suspension for s13 or 180 in good condition no leaks or knocking $50 s13 or 180 sr front seats needs a good clean $40 also have s14 rear seats , you can have all the seats for $80 holden vy radio still works make any offer $ may fit other models like vt or vx>>. finally got some 17' original advan rims, 4x100.3 one rim needs repair as its cracked make an offer$... also currently in my car i have a alpine cda 9887 with the ipod cable for sale $230 since its still in the car you can see it work.... your-ll get the picture right.... turbo non turbo, maual auto IT DOESNT MATTER, let me know what you have to offer and we ll take it from there.... cash adjustment my way if your offering a cheaper car or one of equal value maybe able to throw some caash in but not to sure. let me know on 0468460011 or
  3. Hi, firstly I would like to know if the position advertised is still available, and if you were after an Australian citizen , or will you consider a overseas student, and willing to sponsor them??
  4. **STOLEN**

    Mate, I'm in Melbourne I here all these story's of car stolen and parts sold , I always go Chek and see if I here a noise , a car door open or a car start, these f**king rogues and steeling all these guys cars, U spend so much time money sweat and do them up not for these f**kers to come and just take em away , f**king loosers. One thing , if I spot a stolen car , I'll just ram the f**ker down and smash the shit outa him. I'm sorry to all u guys who has lost a car .
  5. Legal Advice

    hey i got a quwstion im sure alot of people and members would like to know... body kits and its parts.. is a carbon fiber or fiberglass bonnets and gaurds allowd, how about the vented ones ???? also wide fenders rear or front, as i have had many people say ther r illigal but depends on the constuction and other things , can u straighten this out,
  6. Wanted: Apprentice Mechanic

    hi just a quick few questions. can you tell me if you are willing to employ someone who is not studying? ok the thing is im on a visa right now and am planning on applying to do cert iii in motor mechanics ...i absolutley love jdm cars and drive a 180sx at the moment , what little knowledge i have is what i have thought my self through trial and error and a lot of reserch... i am very trainable and learn fast to ..and have being working on what i can on my cars by my self and would love to learn more. i am willing to work for free or get paid anything you offer in return i would like to opportunity to learn everrything you can teach me and as a bonus maybe get my car worked on at your garage ... so if this sounds like something you would consider or need to talk to me more about please feel free to call me anytime on 0452078261. thanks....
  7. hey guys im trying to do a s15 front end conversion on my 180, i just wanted to find out if its actually legal and how much can i sell my 180 front for... also what parts will i need apart from the headlights bumper gards and bonnet ???? also what do u guys think looks better 180 front or s15 as in looks and value as well ?????
  8. coverlay (covers cracked dash)

    I got o e for sale if anyone s interested. Pm me.
  9. coverlay (covers cracked dash)

    Ust do a s15 dash convertion. It looks better and s15 dashes don't crack up easily .
  10. audio loom help!

    Mate I'm in endevour hills tomorrow and got issues with my 180 radio wiring to. F u want to meet up and see if we can figure it out u r welcom to pm me for details.
  11. S15 dash into a 180sx

    Not true. The S15 and S13 air gear do not fit one another. It's actually the hardest thing about this conversion, having done it myself. The folks who say the dash conversion is simple generally remove all the air controls for a track car, hence it never gets mentioned. Yes. It doesn't fit. The only time it will is if you install all the S15 gear, meaning S15 loom/airbox/heater core/air baffle/climate controls/light sensor/dash reinforcement bar (metal tube the pans the entire width of the dash). If you plan to run the 180sx digital controls (as I did), then you'll have to cut and plastic-weld a lot of the S15 air tubes to both clear the 180sx bar, and mate up to the 180sx air box. It's a lot of trial-and-error cutting, welding and refitting. I thought about this (a popup plate that would hide stuff underneath it), but decided to do something different. The shape is not a flat plate, so make sure you tape it all off, cover the outside with cardboard, and make a fibreglass mould of it from the inside. Too much of a pain in the ass to do it any other way. hey if possible can i se some pics of how u got the s15 vents and tubing to fit on the 180 ????
  12. Different dashes For s13.

    hey im trying to do a conversion to .... do u have a wright up of how u wired the dash ????
  13. Also I'm willing to come around and have a look at a The conversion if that's ok. As long as your in Melbourne Vic....
  14. Hey can anyone who has done put s15 door cards into a 180 please post pics or a. Video of how u mount it , coz in the video I have seen the s15 mounts on the door don't seem to line up and the s15 door mounts by srews all around the card, and when u cut them of how do u screw them on . So if anyone can help me out coz I'm doing a conversion and could really use the help. Also just a long shot but I'm in need of a s15 cluster surround and also a gear boot surround... Anyone who can help me with these I can help u install a stereo system , I also have a boost gauge a kenwood 3rca and some sr fuel rails with the mani, Please anyone .... Help will be much appreciated
  15. S15 Climate control conversion wiring

    hey im about to do one to.... hope it goes well.. as far as i have read the dash should fit in with minor mods as in some brackets and ac pipes cut shorter and i guess u can replace the ac core unit if u have if not should be ok... but the issues is with the cluster .. apparently the speedo heat and defog screws up but there is suppose to be a converter for the speedo to work and u can have the demister on a nother switch... and not sure about the heater .... im pretty clueless my self but am goin to attemped is as i do love a challenge as the whole s15 dash conversion maybe old but not many have done it and it makes the interior look a whole lot newer..... hit me back with anything u find out and ill do the same for you...