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  1. Left Foot Braking. Do you find it faster?

    I'd tend to agree here
  2. SR20det rough idle

    closed it should be .50 from memory
  3. 180sx snake eyes

    Looks like shat
  4. RB26dett 180sx Build

    What front sway bar did u use
  5. RB26dett 180sx Build

    Yer pretty much I played with spring rates and different setting camber ,caster etc just under steer all ova tha shop If your looking at making stupid power well fair enough but if your going for,a,mild rb there is no point to removing the sr in the first place But in the end it only cost me 5k to do the conversion start to finish car owed me 13k total including purchase price of the s1 s14 and sold for $16800 2 years ago I post I pic when i get home
  6. Lamborghini Veneno reveiled- Hot or not?

    The hood looks like a transformers face
  7. Ok how dodgy is dodgy bob ? As i have got my little brother who needs to get his P's but can not drive for shit so is this guy as good as he sounds to be If your brother can't drive, he shouldn't be driving. +1 there
  8. Another Kouki to the family

    Welcome aboard
  9. RB26dett 180sx Build

    I did this to my old s14 made the car a pig to drive great engine for bragging rights but that's it IMO sr >rb
  10. Surprised with my dyno results

    Happy dyno for sure
  11. from evo to s15. sydney

    Welcome mate Some pics would be great